What kind of action is Phase Lurch (su)?

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A phantom in ectoplasmic form has the ability to pass through walls or material obstacles. In order to use this ability, it must begin and end its turn outside whatever wall or obstacle it’s moving through. An ectoplasmic phantom can’t move through corporeal creatures with this ability, and its movement speed is halved while moving through a wall or obstacle. Any surface it moves through is coated with a thin, silvery mucus that lingers for 1 minute.

I am specifically referring to the spiritualists phantom ability, although I believe all versions of it are the same. And I am aware that generally supernatural abilities are standard actions unless specified otherwise, but the way it's described makes it sound like it's taken as part of a move action to move. Like if my phantom lurches through a 5 ft wall can it finish its movement or is that it? If it is a standard action once the lurch is started could I take my move action to go further through the wall since it just says I have to end my turn out of the wall not my action?

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It's not an action, it's just something your Phantom can do as part of its movement while in ectoplasmic form. Any form of movement can make use of this ability. You cannot end your turn inside the wall, and must complete your movement before the end of your turn to exit the wall. The ability doesn't state what happens in situations where you cannot complete your movement in a way that satisfies this requirement, and a GM would need to determine what happens in that case.

Supernatural abilities are standard actions unless (a) they say otherwise and (b) they aren't simply modifications to existing actions. In this case, the ability simply modifies the normal movement rules for the ectoplasmic creature. It's not an action.

If the creature for some reason cannot end their turn outside of a solid wall or object, the "Accidentally Ending Movement in an Illegal Space" rules kick in and the phantom gets shunted to somewhere legal.

sweet, thank you for the info!

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