Refuge opened 3 years ago?

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In the Lost Omens World Guide it says the gates to Refuge (Nex's personal demiplane bunker) opened in 4716, 3 years prior to the current setting timeline. Did that happen in an adventure path or module or pathfinder society scenario that I didn't happen to catch and could look at to learn more, or was it off-screen?


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I think this is the plot of the "Pathfinder: Worldscape" comics from Dynamite. Those came out in 2016, so the timeline fits. and it is described as a demiplane owned by Nex, so that fits.

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Correct; this event's covered in Worldscape. We've not done anything in the RPG line with it. Yet.

Ah! I forgot about the comics, thanks! I'll have to pick those up.

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