Best class for summoning fey?


I have a character concept that heavily involves summoning fey. There seem to be limited ways to do this and the best one that I've found so far (in terms of breadth of summoning options) is the Fey Courtier archetype of the Bard class. Have any of you found a rule/option that allows for more fey variety or that focuses even further on the summoning of fey?

Fey Caller Summoner?

The first world sourcebook has options for summoning first world creatures and fae...its a "negotiate with your gm" summoning list as it drops a lot of the outsiders and adds a bunch of fae.

Yeah sadly Fey Courtier's summoning progression is arguably much too slow to really be of benefit.

I just glanced at it, but I would say either choose a Summoner (who can build his eidolon like a fey fact that fits the eidolon concept incredibly well) or go Monster Tactician Inquisitor of one of the Eldest and choose Summon Neutral Monster to give you access to some fey creatures. The Wild Caller and First Worlder for chained Summoner seem to fit the flavor you're looking for, and Fey Caller Unchained Summoner also does.

Bard is pretty neat but the problem frankly is that the Monster Tactician and Summoner both get standard action summons, much faster scaling of summons, and since it's a spell-like ability for them they also have their full complement of spells on top of that. On the other hand, Bard can enhance the combat abilities of the summons more easily than Monster Tactician can.

Thanks for the input everyone! I'm going to give Fey Courtier a test run and keep Summoner on the back-burner. The character I have in mind if a pacifist so I don't think inquisitor fits. After giving it more thought, bard does work fairly well for the flavor of the character and for providing bonuses to the summoned fey.

I don't think I have ever given a player the standard summon monster list as it is. I've always taken things off and added others to fit the character concept, usually resulting in a lot of custom monsters.

For one wizard who wanted to draw power from the Shadow, his summons ranged from a gigantic black worm (a reskinned monstrous centipede) to a sinister duplicate of himself. I toned down the offensive capabilities of a lot of his options and made them more like versions of the undead shadow.

A cleric with a fae background was summoning redcap-esque miners, tiny knights on giant wasps, a carp with magic powers and the Black Dog. After summoning 4 celestial badgers and taking over 15 minutes to resolve one of his turns, all of his summons favored single, powerful attacks and static abilities.

No archetypes, no feats, no alternate traits or rules needed. I think the standard Summon Monster list is a good starting point, but I don't want to see a herd of buffalo with halos in every combat in every game.

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