Shield Block and added damage from elemental sources

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I was wondering how shield block is affected by damage coming from multiple sources. For example, if a character wielding a flaming sword struck you, and you guard against it, does it block all of one damage type before moving on to the next? Do you add it all together, reduce the damage, and then spread it back out? How does that work if you have resistances?

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You first figure out the TOTAL damage you (The Character) would take from a hit. Then you decide if you're going to use the shield.

Then you take that TOTAL damage and apply the Shield Rules. If the order you take things in matters in any way shape or form, the GM decides what order you take it in, regardless you and the shield will always take the same amount of damage unless there are explicit rules from some ability or on the Shield which state otherwise.

The spoke about this on one of the streams briefly but the general idea is if it matters the GM decides.

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