What does 'Expeditious Search' actually do?

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I was looking at feats my halfling thief should probably take in the future and this one immediately popped out to me:

Expeditious Search wrote:
You have a system that lets you search at great speed, finding details and secrets twice as quickly as others can. When Searching, you take half as long as usual to Search a given area. This means that while exploring, you double the Speed you can move while ensuring you’ve Searched an area before walking into it (up to half your Speed). If you’re legendary in Perception, you instead Search areas four times as quickly.
Search Activity wrote:
You Seek meticulously for hidden doors, concealed hazards, and so on. You can usually make an educated guess as to which locations are best to check and move at half speed, but if you want to be thorough and guarantee you checked everything, you need to travel at a Speed of no more than 300 feet per minute, or 150 feet per minute to ensure you check everything before you walk into it. You can always move more slowly while Searching to cover the area more thoroughly, and the Expeditious Search feat increases these maximum Speeds. If you come across a secret door, item, or hazard while Searching, the GM will attempt a free secret check to Seek to see if you notice the hidden object or hazard. In locations with many objects to search, you have to stop and spend significantly longer to search thoroughly.

Now, assuming my Halfling thief has speed 30 when I take this feat at level 7, how fast do I actually 'check everything' search? As far as I can tell, I still can only go 150 feet per minute, as that is half my 300 feet per minute travel speed (per CRB chart 9-2).

Is this feat only supposed to help if you have a 35+ speed?

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