Elf investigator: melee or ranged?


Hi folks!

I’d like to get your insight on this. I aim to be both a face and a skill monkey for the team. However, can’t decide the weapon to go with. Being an Elf opens up a variety of choices including longbow and ECB (with the heirloom trait). Starting at 3rd lvl.

Stats are: 13, 17, 10, 18, 10, 8

ECB, weapon finesse, power attack. Gives out a nice amount of dmg and helps to utilize the studied combat abilities. Downside is that I’m pretty fragile at the moment, but hopping to up my AC to 17.

Longbow, weapon focus, ranged study. Utilizes studied combat for ranged, but it’s only for 30 feet... does’t seem save enough as an enemy can easily charge me and I’ll still need to shift to melee.

Is there any reason to go with ranged for an investigator? I’ve also seen options to go with rapier and inspired weapon, but that starts off with lvl7 AFAIK.

What are your thoughts?

Dang! Someone got access to the Playtest early!

More seriously, though, you might have the wrong forums. This is for Pathfinder 2nd Edition.

Hey, I think you may have accidentally posted in the wrong forum. This is a forum for PF2. (Sorry I can not be more helpful, Investigator was not my thing in PF1, and I could not do it justice.)

Edit= Ninja’d on that :p

Ouch, sorry! Clicked the wrong link. Please close this thread.


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