Simplest character sheet for a new player


Hey all,

Basically title. I need a character sheet that lays out essential information as simply as possible: ability modifiers, HP, speed, AC, saving throws, Strike bonuses and damage, etc. The kind of sheet where I can tell a total noob, "Look at the Strikes section, and pick a weapon, and tell me the number right next it. Roll the dice with the most sides and add that number to whatever you get. Now find the acronym 'AC.' Is this number higher than that number? Okay, you take this much damage, so subtract if from your HP at the top...

Soon I'm running a session for 4 of the noobiest noobs. They don't need to know how much of their attack bonus comes from proficiency, or why their second weapon has an agile trait that makes it more accurate. They just need the final values for any calculations they'll have to do, without clutter.

If this sheet also had a good amount of space to describe other types of actions, or describe focus powers/spells and the like, that would be great.

Thanks for any recommendation you guys can make!

I ran a game yesterday, with four players. Two had played 5e a lot, and not PF2; one had played PbtA RPGs but not d20, and one had never played an RPG. None of them had any real trouble with their character sheets after a minute of explanation.

The two new players were rogues, btw, and the party was level 1.

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