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My gaming group, which has been on hiatus for a couple of years now, is gearing up to start Ruins of Azlant this coming Saturday! It's been a long time coming and I can't wait to get back into the swing of things.

I was waffling between Strength Fighter (simple and to the point) and Swashbuckler Inspired Blade (very MAD considering the 15 PB), but have since settled on plain-Jane Swashbuckler.

15 PB pretty much means something is getting dumped and I went with Wisdom. I've seen where folks suggest tanking STR, but that seems like a raw deal.

Stats are as follows: 12, 16, 12, 10, 7, 16

I managed to mitigate the WIS/Will save issue via Iron Will (feat) and Indomitable Will (trait). My question is, how would you have skinned this cat? Plain ol' Swash needs a modicum of STR and CON and then lots of DEX and CHA. That leaves INT and WIS as the dump candidates.

What are your thoughts? How does one play a 7 WIS? Should I revaluate the STR angle? I do like being able to carry my basic load-out...

/ Campaign trait is Expert Explorer and I'm envisioning the love child of Calico Jack Rackham and Sir Ernest Shackleton.

// the rest of the party went Trog-style and dumped CHA. God help us all.

What’s the point of strength?

Lelomenia wrote:
What’s the point of strength?

For a martial-type, several game functions are predicated on it?

Ruins of Azlant is an outdoors-type campaign where value is placed on STR-based skills like Swimm and Climb.

CMB and CMD both suffer a negative STR score.

Carry capacity, if you're paying attention to it, pretty much needs a neutral STR score, if not a positive modifier.

DEX-to-damage is a thing, sure, but in my case, the earliest I can get it is 3rd level. And it, of course, costs a very valuable feat. Until then, STR is a needed damage component.

All of the above can be mitigated through time (leveling) and money (provided certain equipment is available). Regardless, the game pushes you towards STR as a more cost-effective way of dealing with these issues.

/ truly I'm less interested in "defending" my take on the importance of STR and more interested in what a 7 WIS means to character roleplay.

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As far as 7 Wisdom, I'd say impulsive to a fault, and a little hazy on the consequences of your actions.

Beyond this, perhaps given to rash outbursts, especially towards people whose help you may need right afterward.

And perhaps a willingness to let other people handle the details of...everything, while still wanting to share your opinions on what should be done. Without accounting for how other people may want to handle the details.

Jack Sparrow comes to mind. Make spur of the moment decicions without thinking of the consequences.

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