Request(s) for future updates / printings of the Core Rulebook

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First off, thanks to the developers for an awesomely designed Core Rulebook. The combined glossary/index is a godsend!

A few things that I hope can be implemented in a future printing or PDF update:

1. The "table of contents" in the righthand margin is a great way to flip to a chapter quickly. However, it would be great to add a way to jump to parts WITHIN a chapter. It does not have to disturb the Chapters sidebar -- it can be a separate list underneath that divides the current chapter into sections. This would be especially helpful for the Classes chapter, to be able to quickly jump to a particular class, and for the Crafting & Treasure chapter, to be able to jump to Alchemical Items or Worn Items quickly, for example.

2. More references to specific page numbers in the book. For examples, the spread of Ancestries and Classes on page 22-23 is a great starting place for making characters. It would be great to add page references so that people can jump to each Ancestry or Class quickly. Under Backgrounds, each Background refers to a Skill Feat. It would be very helpful to have a page reference for each Skill Feat.

3. Hyperlinks in the PDF. Especially since the PDF is being sold as a separate product and there is an online free SRD that has a somewhat different organization from the rulebook, it would be great if hyperlinks can be added to the PDF.

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