Re-Release of iconic Pathfinder minis?


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With the new version of Pathfinder out, will Paizo re-release the iconic Pathfinder Minis? The originally released minis have become extremely difficult to find.



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All of the reaper ones are easily available direct from them in 2 different versions each for like $7.

Also the pathfinder Battles Deep Cuts of all the iconics are available individually through miniature market and others for like $4 a pop as well as a lot of flgs. My flgs will order any WizKids miniature for no shipping charge as long as you are willing to wait for him to already have a order to that supplier.

The only ones that I know of that are hard to get are the pre-painted ones from the booster set. The unpainted ones have much better detail and will look miles better than a prepainted one even with a mediocre paint job.

EDIT: Actually the prepainted ones are still available here on paizo some of them are in backorder but none are unavailable. The only truly unavailable set is the 4 set for the beginners box.

Maybe, now with Archon Studios partnership for the Starfinder HIPS new miniatures; and with the redesign of the iconics for the 2nd edition, we could get new HIPS miniatures for the iconics (and maybe even other important characters from the Golarion lore).

It would be to cool to have brand new minis for these new edition!!
Please Paizo, make it happen!!

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