Achievement Points (new feature) not awarding correctly

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I'm hoping that this is a known issue and simply a result of gaining access to something that is incomplete, but the Achievement Points in the new Points column for PFS2 are not awarding the correct numbers.

My GenCon GM points are 1/scenario rather than 12/scenario for GMing Premium+.
My GenCon player points are 4/scenario rather than 6/scenario for playing Premium+.

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Seconding since this doesn't seem to be mentioned elsewhere. GM credit seems wrong in general, not just for special events.

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Yes, I got only 1 point for every regular szenario I run, no matter the event but got 2 points for running the Sandstone Quest on a con.

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Boop? Any reasponses on this? Obviously not a problem now, but uh.. It's messing with my head.

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