Emerald Spire in 2e for Beginners?


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I am to GM for three 13 year old guys who will play for the first time. As 2E is awesomely easy to teach we will use those rules. However, I thought of GMing Emerald Spire for them. Anyone here who already played it and can tell me, if I just could replace the monsters with the 2E-versions (if they already exist)?

I think that Plaguestone is a bit too much for beginners, as they have to do a lot of roleplaying in the beginning of the adventure and they've never played an rpg before.

Or do you guys have a better suggestion as what to play with them?

The Emerald Spire uses monsters from the first three bestiaries, so there are a few that are not covered. Fortunately, most of the stuff in the first few levels are pretty basic, so it should be covered between the Bestiary and the Playtest Bestiary.

The Glass Cannon Podcast is going to run a 2e conversion of Emerald Spire. I think it will be for their Patreon customers only.

You could always email them and see if they plan on sharing the converted monsters. At the very least, you could listen to the podcast to see how he converted it. It's a pretty good live-play podcast.

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