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Okay guys so I want some insight on how you use the roleplay description of some weapons, because you got sometimes roleplay on one side but rules on their one side.: For example, striking someone with a hatchet in melee and then throwing it at somebody should allow you to use Sweep, but it does not work with the roleplay description. The same could be said about a Returning Hatchet thrown on différent people in the same round. Or for any weapon thrown as an improvised weapon with similar abilities.

In that case wha do you have to apply, the roleplay description or the mechanical advantage?

As for the other questions:

1. When a property of a weapon like Sweep says “this weapon”, does it means this precise same hatchet or the weapon hatchet, as an another one? I want to be sure, I would think this the the same precise weapon but English is not my mother tongue so maybe I miss a few things here.

2. If a thrown weapon is in the melee weapon table, it means it does not work with a feat that asks you tu use a ranged weapon, even if this melee weapon got a range property? Like the Ranged Reprisal from the Champion?

3. If a thrown weapon is a melee weapon, despite its range, does it mean that you can use them with feats that require melee weapons, and throw them? Like the Twin Takedown of the Ranger?

4. Finally do you think that your weapon have to meet the prerequisite (being a thrown weapon) of the property rune Returning given by the 3rd level ability Divine Ally- Blade Ally of the Champion? I really don’t know because the general rule is you have to put returning on a thrown weapon, but on the other hand specific overrides general and the ability does not say you have to meet the prerequisite of the rune.

Yes you guessed right I want to build a thrower :D But even so, in general, I really think that Thrown weapons are in a strange spot and I just want some insight on how people deal with it.

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You're right. This rule's whack.
So a Hatchet is a Melee weapon that has the Thrown (10') property.
You can make melee attacks with it like you would any other Agile, Sweep melee weapon. That means that you always want to keep attacking *with the same weapon* For this reason, my dual-wielding characters name their weapons. It makes it significantly easier to keep track of.

1. "This weapon" does mean that particular weapon. Name them. Make one Cold Iron, and the other Alchemical Silver, or whatever else you want.
2. The text on Thrown says you make a "ranged attack with it," so Ranged Reprisal might work with it (you would have to throw it, though). Ask your GM about this one.
3. They are still melee weapons, and the SRD just says "make two Strikes", so it would seem that by RAW, you could chuck them at someone or swing them.
4. The Blade-Ally would have to go on a Hatchet or Starknife (Javelins would be a Ranged weapon. But they stink anyways. Use a hatchet.) And Blade-Ally doesn't have any text saying that it breaks the "only thrown weapons" requirement on Returning.

Thrown weapons are all kinds of cool, and I could see Champion being actually pretty good at this (especially if they release some god that has a Hatchet as a favored weapon). Almost worth it for Divine Ally and Retributive Strike.

As is: Start Ranger or Fighter and maybe pick up Champion Devotion. Use hatchets, take names. Be a beast.

Or: Start Liberator of Desna, Ranged Retribution, leave Str at 10-12 and focus on Dex and your defenses. Avoid melee if you can.

Thanks for the insight, you rule it pretty much how I imagined it.

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