my own new posts not visible to myself (at least)

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Within the past week or so I've had this issue a few times: I submit a post and am shown the same trailing posts as before (i.e. without mine). I can go to an overview page and it shows Last Post by Fuzzy-Wuzzy correctly, but going to the thread still doesn't show the new post until a minute or two after I posted. Previously my submissions always showed up immediately.

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I’ve noticed this too, and I believe it’s should be fixed by the next release of the site. Not sure when that will be but should be soon once we’ve finished bug triage and QA for that update.

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Any ideas when that might be? This problem has been ongoing for some time and seem, to me, to be getting worse. Although that might just be my general frustration level with things technological at Paizo.

"Soon" is a word Paizo uses a lot, that has lost all meaning. Can you give us a proper estimate? Days, Weeks, Months?

Also, will it fix the "Backtracking too far" bug as well?

Here's the other thread on this.

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