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I’ve seen a number of guides to building paladins, and most recommend Magical Knack as the single best trait for a paladin.

I understand the importance of making up the paladin’s caster level deficit, so that part is good. But these sites claim that +2 caster level will add “hours” to the duration of the paladin’s buffs, and that this is what makes the knack indispensable.

I’ve looked through the Paladin’s spell list, and the only buff I can find with a duration measured in hours is Greater Magic Weapon, which a paladin really shouldn’t need by the time they’re able to cast it. Is there some vital buff that I’m missing, or is Magical Knack being oversold?

My first thought is perhaps they meant that it will add hours of time spent buffed over the course of a campaign.

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If we consider only the CRB, there is Delay poison, too. But still, I don't see a big advantage.

If we consider all the splatbook the number increases noticeably, but none of those scream to me "you need 2 more caster levels".
It seems way more interesting the simple fact that Resist energy will give a better bonus 2 levels earlier than normal for a paladin and that several spells will similarly give a larger bonus two levels earlier.
Good, but the small number of spells a paladin has, I am unconvinced that it is a so crucial trait.

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Thanks guys. I'll look at another trait.

If you are planning on taking Unsanctioned Knowledge then the value this trait likely increases.

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