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I want to make an incorporeal outsider that is a former part of a now-dead god that split into 50 of the things. I'm planning on giving them the following abilities:


Soul-Rending Nail (Su): The Remnant attacks by forming and shooting shards of baleful energy. It can only have a single nail formed at any given time, but the nail holds charges and becomes more powerful as it gains charges. Whenever the Remnant has a nail formed, it can fire the nail as a ranged touch attack against a target within 60 feet, with a hit dealing wisdom and charisma drain equal to the number of charges on the nail. Regardless of whether the nail hits or misses, all of the charges are expended and the nail dissipates.

Form Nail (Su): If the Remnant doesn't have a nail formed, it may spend a full-round action to form a nail with one charge on it. The Remnant cannot use this ability if it already has a nail formed.

Mystic Lassitude (Su): Whenever the Remnant is within 60 feet of the caster or target of a spell as it is being cast, it may use an Attack of Opportunity to attempt an Spellcraft check against the spell's DC. If successful, the spell is countered and the Remnant adds a number of charges to its nail equal to the countered spell's level, forming a nail if it didn't already have one formed.

Gaze of the Natural State (Su): The Remnant emits a 30 foot cone that shows everything within the area as they would be without any magical influence (including magical effects with an instantaneous duration). It may change the direction of the cone one per round as a free action.

Deific Vessel: the Remnant has a bond with a single specific NPC, revered to as the Remnant's vessel. It may fuse with its vessel as a full-round action, boosting the NPC to an level 20, mythic tier 10 version of itself. The pair may be fused up to a duration per day depending on their resonance score (I plan on using the Polymorph any Object duration table for this). Should the vessel die, the Remnant resets its resonance score and forms a bond with a new vessel.

Any advice on how it should be stated up?

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