Bloodline Spell should have been a level 1 feat.

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I think that Bloodline Spell should have been a first level feat instead of being cooked into general progression. I say this because of two reasons.
1) Not everybody wants to grow claws and wade into melee combat. Bloodline powers are cool and interesting, but they are not for everybody, and it puts pressure into you to choose a bloodline that has the focus spells that have the best synergy with the way you are going to play -because otherwise you are stuck with an ability you don't care for and could have easily traded for, say, a familiar-.

This also increases diversity even among sorcerers of the same bloodline. And it isn't as if it would water down bloodlines, these are already very different by virtue of spell list, granted spells and trained skills.

Now, this is also a problem for people multiclassing into sorcerer. You may be into it for the spellcasting, but you may be doing it for the bloodline spells as well. And if you take this path, you have a problem. You see, imagine your monk or Barbarian wants to have a bloodline, you start with the dedication, easy, two cantrips. Then you take basic bloodline spell at fourth, cool. Now at a later time you plan to take advanced bloodline potency to get advanced bloodline and/or greater bloodline and find you can't until you take basic bloodline potency. The problem is, there is nothing you can take for this character type, so it ends up turning into a feat tax (Unless you are doing it for both spellcasting and bloodline...)

Turning Bloodline spell into a first level feat -and turning the feature into a feat slot- would solve both situations, you can now choose to grab your bloodline spells or not, or to grab something else that catches your fancy. And characters mutliclassing into sorcerer for the bloodline can use basic bloodline potency to grab the first bloodline spell. (I mean both feats are the same level, it isn't breaking anything!)

Well at least those are my thoughts...

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I tend to agree but I think that this will eventually be a reality anyhow once the Class-specific Archetypes start getting released in that the Sorc can trade it out for something else that's granted by the Archetype and then choose to pick it back up with a Class Feat.

I see what you're saying here, but I also feel like you can make this argument for ANY of the classes with multiple paths.

I wanna be a Paladin Champion for some of the feats that are gated behind Paladin (for no good reason that I can see at all), but I don't really want Retributive Strike. I'd rather just take another Champion feat instead. I wanna play a leaf order Druid but a Leshy familiar? Eh, I don't really need that. Another feat please!

Sorcs are already one of the most versatile and powerful classes in the game. Probably the first time I can remember where I actually think they're better than Wizards. The initial bloodline power is a part of being a sorcerer and separates them from the other spellcasters.

I agree with getting to chose to take or not to take later bloodline powers, since not being able to pick that would heavily narrow your options for possible Sorc builds, and because you can say that a Sorc can chose to delve deeper into their blood to find greater power but don't HAVE to. But at the end of the day you HAVE the blood and there needs to be SOMETHING to show that.

Pre-chosen spells which anyone else could also have, and skills which again anyone could have, are not enough for this. The bloodline magic could be, but that is a very small effect that IMO wouldn't be enough to make the base Sorc unique enough.

I think this is an important thing for them to keep. Sorcerer regains focus better than any other class; I don't think starting without a focus spell makes a lot of sense, especially when it also makes their bloodline nearly as mechanically bland as a PF1 Witch's patron.

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