What kind of action is it to pass an item from one hand to another?

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I have a player who wants to know what, if any, kind of action it would be to pass a weapon or item he is wielding in his main hand to his offhand. Would that be an interact action? A free action?


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Generally speaking I would call it a one-action interact/manipulate style action. The same as (change grip -- add a hand, 1 action) + (change grip -- release a hand, free action).

In my opinion, the interact action should be used if there is a specific benefit being gained by the change of grip - just like it costs an interact action to put a second hand on the grip of your weapon to enable it to be used two-handed.

If the change of hands is merely for flavor, I would not require it to cost an interact action.

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Not sure there is a "main" and "off" hand in this edition?

I would say that you need to use the Interact to put both hands on the weapon. This shows the passing of the passing from one hand to another. Then you must use the Release action to let go.

As far as I saw there is no Main Hand or Off Hand.

Thanks for the responses!

I didn't mean to use main and off-hand to reflect any mechanical terms; I was using admittedly outdated terminology to describe the situation. I think an Interact action is reasonable given the rules for changing grips on a weapon, though I also agree with thenobledrake that unless it possesses some mechanical weight, I wouldn't bother clarifying what hand it was being held in.

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