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Would the water disappear, or what? create water makes 2 gallons and a never spill goblet can only hold a cup. https://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic-items/wondrous-items/m-p/neverspill-goblet/
Does anyone know how this would work?

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The Neverspill Goblet is designed to hold a fixed amount of liquid, typically around 1 cup of liquid. Anything more than that is not affected by the protection that it offers.

In this case the water would simply overflow if it was generated on the goblet, or if it came from the goblet itself as a specific magic item then it would likely just stop producing any additional water.

Yeah. What he said. It will only hold a cup, so the rest would be wasted. If you broke your GM over a simple misreading like this, then you need a better GM.

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The goblet protects only its content, all the other water overflow. And it offers no protection from the disappearance of the created water after 24 hours.
That is neither a ravage of temperature nor time. It is a characteristic of the created water.

works as written... *<8^)

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THAT broke your GM? Yikes...

As others have stated the interaction between those two is pretty clearly defined. He could either create more than the cup can hold, which of course would make the rest just overflow. Or simply create just enough to fill the cup (casters choice).

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