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Wanted to be sure I was correct in my understanding that slashing grace *does* still function when you make a flurry of maneuvers (Maneuver Master Monk Archetype) so long as you use the weapon to perform that maneuver... FoM replaces, not alters, FoB, and does not invoke TWF, like Brawler’s Flurry, so theoretically if I don’t invoke the use of my other hand at all in my FoM then Slashing Grace is fine. Was wondering if there was anything I missed for a RAW argument on this, though feel free to comment any “rules as intended” opinions (understand of course, that those are just that... don’t want you guys eating each other on another thread)

by the RAW it seems fine. It looks like they messed up on their math with FoM and made the 3rd combat maneuver suffer a -12 penalty instead of -10. It probably depends heavily on what combat manuver you're attempting to perform. Grappling for example, can be done with one hand but at a penalty.

edit: and of course as you've already stated, it probably goes against the RAI. So, expect table variation.

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The RAW checks out. However, a large number of tables allow FoM to count as FoB for the purposes of feats and such, it's a houserule but a common and understandable one due to how many monk related things assume that you have FoB.
The situation you mention is one of the few times you wouldn't want it to count as FoB, but as long as your table isn't one that does that, and you're not trying to get the best of both worlds then there's no problem.

That’s what I figured.. it actually just a 3-level dip into MM Monk for the “enemies always provoke on combat maneuvers you have the improved feat for.” The flurry of man is just a nice cherry on top for my Swashbuckler. Basically a free disarm or trip attempt every full attack is how I’ve been using it, with the occasional reposition.

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