Barbarian and the Hurling rage powers.


So I'm looking into using grappling and the hurling rage powers to throw creatures at other creatures.

Damage as a falling object. Half for not solid.

So a medium creature would be 3d6 / 2.
Does the strength and power attack damage also get halved?

Hurling rage powers wont let you throw creatures, it specifies objects.

Even if you ignore that, you probably need the Body Bludgeon Rage power first.

And I think you would only be able to eventually throw small sized characters.

IIRC objects are effectively two actual size categories smaller than the character they're designed to be used by. So a sword for a medium creature is actually a tiny object.

It's a bit confusing if the "one size category smaller than herself" means you throw a sword sized for a small sized user, or throw a small size category sword (which would be used by large sized creatures).

Regardless of how much damage dice you can get based on the size of the object/creature you're throwing, it seems like based on the wording you shouldn't get full strength and power attack damage. The halving is applied to everything based on how the rage power is worded.

Though I don't think that makes sense.

All the GM's I've talked to so far (including a few for PFS) think it would allow throwing creatures. Some have agreed that Body Bludgeon power first. I would be taking that power anyway.

Strictly by RAW it only allows objects, and creatures aren't objects.

But for anything except PFS I wouldn't expect a GM to enforce that distinction.

There is however, in my mind, still confusion about exactly what size of what thing you can pick up and throw.

Is a medium object the same size as a medium character? Or is a medium object an object sized for use by a medium character, and actually tiny size category with respect to characters.

Honestly, I am inclined to believe its the later, since a rock that was the size of a medium character would be too heavy for most barbarians to pick up, despite their strength score. At least in early levels, as strength scores go up carrying capacity goes all kinds of crazy.

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