Sayona bleed damage?

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The Bestiary 4 has a creature called the Sayona, that does Bleed with its' Bite and Claw attacks. There is no Bleed damage amount listed anywhere on the page though. Has anyone come across this? I couldn't find this anywhere, maybe it's well hidden.

i think the absorb blood ability change that on purpose:

Absorb Blood (Su) A Sayona adjacent to a bleeding creature automatically accelerates the bleeding, dealing 1 point of Con damage to that creature once per round on its turn and absorbing the blood through its skin.

while they should have talked about the bleed once the Sayona is away from the target. as long as it's close the bleeding is as they stated 'accelerated' into a con damage.
as bleed is only done on the bleeding creature turn and the absorb blood change whatever bleed damage into 1 con damage (while the Sayona is adjasnat) they might have skipped what bleed the Sayona might do. still should write it down in case it moves away. i would keep it at 1 point minimum. getting con drain nd con damage with paralyze and other debuffs on this creature is worse enough for the characters./

It's a mistake. You'll have to make something up.

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