Unarmed Attacks vs Gelatinous Cube / Oozes

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Anyone know what the ruling is for unarmed strikes vs. oozes?

In our last session a monk went fist to ooze with his unarmed strikes against a gelatinous cube, and I was curious if he should be taking acid damage from sinking his fists into the ooze?

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I'd say no. It's too punitive for the class, which relies on unarmed strikes. You can say that their fist only makes very brief contact with the ooze, and they pull it away fast enough to avoid taking damage, thanks to their lightning reflexes. Or handwraps.

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I would say no also, because it doesn't list that in their bestiary entry. There are other enemies in the bestiary where it says unarmed attackers take damage though.

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I'd say they take the dmg, like how punching a goblin dog would expose them to goblin pox. Looks like the monk should use a wep against ooze.

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