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I generally just pencil & paper my characters. But we're converting our 9th level Strange Aeons into PF2. And I thought Hero Lab might be handy to make sure I don't miss any details.
First off, if I'm reading it correctly, I have to buy it now, and then pay again in 6 months?
And what advantages are there to linking to my Paizo account? I know with Fantasy Grounds, I get a hefty discount on their products by linking to Paizo. Not sure if HL has something similar?

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You have to buy it now, then eventually you'll have to pay a $2/month maintenance fee, which you can start or stop if you need to. They haven't started charging that yet for anyone, but they plan to eventually.

I haven't even heard of linking a Paizo account. I gotta look into that. I'd be really happy if they do add some more interaction there.

Eh. Looks like they don't take Paypal anyway. I'll just do pencil & paper.

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Also, I looked it up an according to a forum post the Paizo account linking right now is only for getting a reduced rate for RealmWorks packages for different campaigns.


HeroLab Online is still in a beta state, with many bugs and missing features yet-to-be-implemented. I'd give it a pass for now, and check back in a year or so.

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i am personally liking it for pf2 characters and starfinder characters

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For Starfinder I have zero complaints except for the printouts.

For PF2, I logged something like 8 bugs last week and already more than half have been fixed. The printout is still essentially useless to me.

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If you have android tablets I recommend Pathbuilder. Also imperfect but its pretty good and free

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