PFS2: Learn a Spell from Pathfinder Training granted scrolls

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Forking off a question from the Guide Feedback thread since I know they want to keep that thread more focused on updates to the guide, rather than Q&A.

Mylamber wrote:


If i’m with spell school as a wizard, can i learn spell with those scroll we can choose at the beginning of each game? Just paying for ink ?


Unless there's overriding guidelines from the society, it looks like a wizards (or arcane sorcerer with the evolution) can learn the spell they got the scroll for -- Learn a Spell is an exploration activity so there is time for it to occur. If it were a Downtime activity I'd probably rule no, you've returned the scroll to the society if unused before you start your downtime checks.

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I don't see this as being allow but also following.

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This doesn't seem like much of a problem. You still need to pay the scribing costs and make the check.

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It feels like a minor exploit, but we were always going to need some kind of rule for access to anonymous NPC spellbooks anyway. So I guess you get a discount if you're with The Spells and aren't looking for top shelf spells or doing everything at once. That doesn't seem so inappropriate.

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That part of the rules might be in need of some attention particularly if people want to learn uncommon spells from each other.


I'll be keeping an eye on this for "rogue with wizard dedication" reasons.

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