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Pathfinder Second Edition is upon us, and so Interjection Games has gone back to its roots with Ultimate Tinkering, a 2e-compatible revamp for the first base class I ever made. While the first edition incarnation of the tinker base class is the one and only product line that can boast three consecutive wins on reviewer Endzeitgeist's "top 10 of a year" list, (first for the tinker itself, then for Super Mega Ultra Mecha Fighting for You, Me, And All of Our Friends, then for the Grafter) there have always been little things close to the heart of the design that I'd go back and change to make things flow better and make the class more accessible.

Tinkering is the concept of the minion master taken to the technological. Rather than commanding planar monstrosities, a legion of the undead, or the denizens of the deep forest, you act as a commanding officer at the epicenter of your very own steel squadron. A high-level tinker can expect to control up to three such minions at a time, with the ability to replace losses fairly readily in the heat of combat.

As a tinker, you have an invention book, whose inventions go into blueprints that you prepare like big, open-ended spells. When you deploy an automaton, you pick a blueprint, and a fully-built automaton with that blueprint's inventions applied to it springs into action, ready for you to command it.

Currently, Ultimate Tinkering has the following specs:

• 75 pages of inventions
• 5 archetypes
• 3 "tinkering factions", groups of interest that have claim over the Uncommon and Rare inventions that a tinker can learn
• 8 pages of feats
• Class frontend
• Example automaton builds at levels 5, 10, and 15

The following parts still need to be done:

• The feats are still using Pathfinder Playtest rules and need to be updated to Pathfinder Second Edition, then another four pages of feats need to be written so there are enough of them.
• Another four or five example automaton builds need created.
• Invention summaries for the 75 pages of inventions need written. This should take about five hours.
• Two or three pages of inventions to act as payoffs or alternate paths for a few of the various invention themes I have developed need created; this is largely why I am cooking up my own example builds for the back of the book.
• The frontend needs refactored with a rules change to class DCs. Specifically, I want your automatons to use your invention proficiency, but their own combat proficiencies to reconcile how damaging inventions have a lower theoretical output than going in blazing with swords. This also gives various debilitating, "controlly" inventions a strong place in the tinker as a whole.

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