natural attacks from items, when already have other natural attacks

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are they primary or secondary?

i.e. a sorcerer shape changes into a creature with natural attacks, who then wears something which gives him even more natural attacks.

are these second lot of natural attacks primary or secondary?


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Generally things call out how they interact.
Is there a specific item you're alluding to?

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Adding Natural Attacks to a character or creature that already has Natural Attacks does not normally demote any Primary Natural Attacks to Secondary.

Adding regular attacks into your Full Attack would demote a Primary Natural Attack to Secondary. For instance Tengus have a Bite Attack. A Tengu that Full Attacks with Bastard Sword, Armor Spikes, and Bite will suffer a -5 on his Bite Attack, it being demoted from Primary to Secondary. A Tengu that has the Claws Altnernate Racial Trait gets 3 Primary Natural Attacks: 1 Bite and 2 Claws. If this Tengu were a Barbarian who takes Lessser Fiend Totem for that Gore Attack, she now has 4 Primary Natural Attacks: Bite, 2 Claws, and Gore. She takes a level in White Haired Witch, she now has 5, etc.

There is another exception. If a creature has only 1 Natural Attack, that Attack is Primary even if it normally would be a Secondary Natural Attack. A Stegosaurus Tail is a Primary Natural Attack, for instance. But if a Druid were Wildshaped into a Stegosaurus, and then took those 2 levels in Barbarian and got that Gore Attack, then the Tail does get demoted to Secondary.

Here are the rules on Natural Attacks .

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There are only two things that change natural weapons from primary to secondary or vice versa:

a) You only have one (type of) natural attack, in which case it's always primary.
b) You use natural attacks alongside unarmed strikes or manufactured weapons, in which case they're always secondary.

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thank you everyone :-)

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