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Hello! I've decided to dust off my copies of one of my favorite roleplaying systems,Deadlands, for a new pbp, I've run a few campaigns with the system and am likely more familiar with it than any other. While I enjoy the Reloaded savage Worlds version, theres a beauty to the vicious combat and flavor to the classic 1999 system. I'm currently investigating ways to use "card decks" for combat and character creation for a play by post game. I also have a few homerules to use for combat and magic(if applicable) that should make gameplay smoother.

I have three ideas for settings and campaigns that accompany each.

The Untamed West

The year is 1803 and President Jefferson has commissioned the exploration of the newly acquired Louisiana Purchase and beyond. But this is not the history we know. Legends come from somewhere and the lands of untamed proto-America are filled with flora and fauna seemingly out of myth. Reports of strange beasts ripped from the deepest nightmares of men, stalk the wilds. Mysteries and horror abound in the heart of the literal wild west and the party is to establish routes, open trade with friendly natives, but ultimayely catalog and "civilize" the new world. Worst yet, the party is the second expedition to be sent out, as the last one has failed to return...

The Classic West

This setting more closely follows the one from the source material woth some adjustsmnts. The west is weird and full of spookiness. It takes place in the late 1870s and the civil war still persists far past the rime history tells us. Adventures would range from the mundane, like bank robberies(starting or stopping them) to the supernatural, like hunting a gang of gunslinging werewolves. Party could choose to be criminals running from the law or ranch hands investigating the eeire noises and dissapearences at the local mine, or even go full Magnificent Seven a town against zombie confederates. I have an idea for a cmpaign and it's flexible enough to accommodate the ideas mentioned. Either way this option would let players become legends of the Old Weird West.

The Dying West

The year is irrelavant. The end has come and gone. Climate change. Nukes. Judgement day. Schwarzeneggers. Whatever it was, it stopped the world and most everyone is gone. What remains is a ravaged wasteland of survivors, eeking out an existence in the ruins of the old world. However the beginnings of a new civilization has emerged, with towns and territory being carved out as a new currency starts to breathe new life into the pocket towns throughout the southwest. The party here would be survivors banded together to fight raiders, radioactive horrors, robots, existential dread or even angels in the new world, as well carve out a life for themselves in the fallout. If we play this one we'll use the the Deadlands: Hell on Earth rules. Brainstorming as to the type of apocalypse would be a lot of fun but I will say I am partial to a Post Judgment Day/Ragnarok where the remnants of humanity, angels, demons have to get a long...or not.

Cast your votes for general interest or anything specific and we'll see where this takes us!

I'm always up for a game in Savage Worlds! I would be happy with either of the first two options. I have some Deadlands:Reloaded sources, so you would have to fill me in on what's different about the original.

I'll tentatively request a Gunslinger PC.

ZenFox42 wrote:

I'm always up for a game in Savage Worlds! I would be happy with either of the first two options. I have some Deadlands:Reloaded sources, so you would have to fill me in on what's different about the original.

I'll tentatively request a Gunslinger PC.

Well the system I'm planning to use is the classic, non savage worlds version of it, as its the one I'm more familiar with. But I'm not opposed to refreshing myself on the savage worlds version if the classic doesn't work like I want it too. You can find the OG version via googling for the pdf. I also have a digital copy I can share.

Also, apologies for the grammatical and spelling errors in my OP, that's what I get for posting so late!

I'm down to play some deadlands as well; I'm fine with any of the three.

How are you going to resolve the cards aspect?

And, yeah, interested. Alerting some folks as well.

dickie wrote:

How are you going to resolve the cards aspect?

And, yeah, interested. Alerting some folks as well.

There are a couple of ways I've considered going about simulating cards. Roll20 has a potential solution. It cites using decks for initiative, so I'm learning how to use it in case it's the option we take. Another option is for people to roll their quickness for initiative, then I pull cards from physical decks I have here and post the results.

A third option would be to just
roll a 1d54 and have an assigned card to each number. Although that would technically change the outcome as there woild be no discard pile and it wouldn't accurately simulate pulling from a deck. Would work better for drawing character stats as that's always used with a full deck. At the very least, Option 3 is how I'll most likely do chips for the games. Out of 85, 50 below equals a white chip, 51 to 75 would be red chips and 76 up would be blue chips. Maybe reduce the overall number with each draw? I'm open to feedback as well.

And thanks for sounding the alarm! I figured it was the weekend and I wouldn't see much interest in the thread till Mon, anyway.

Wow, thought I was the only person who had the Classic Deadlands bug. I actually have just about all of the books and supplements hard copy. Oh and thanks to Dickie for the heads up. As for setting all three are interesting. Although the Dying west will probably be the easiest to adapt from source material. I am interested.

The original version of Savage Worlds evolved from Deadlands Classic, so I'm sure there's lots of similarities (but also quite a few differences). I'll see if I can find a copy. <time passes> Nope, couldn't find one.

When I first started running Savage Worlds on PbP, I would roll a d1000 for every character each round, and they would act from highest to lowest. If a character got a 37 or less, that was treated as a Joker. The d1000 was to avoid two characters getting the same number (easy to do with a d54), but the system does not *guarantee* that a Joker will ever come up!

These days, most SW games I'm in (and run), the GM just has a deck of playing cards at home, and we all trust him to be fair in the dealing of the cards.

I'd be interested as well. Had a blast in the Savage Worlds game I played in here...the GM there drew the cards at home and posted them in gameplay. All three ideas have my interest.

Oh god, I'm begging you to do this. I have wanted to try deadlands for years. I will buy a camera, so I can take a picture of me begging on my knees to play this. That's how interested I am.

Liberty's Edge

I'm interested. I haven't played in many years so I'd need some coaching lol but I did do the Kickstarter for the recent book re-release about 2 years ago.


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