Hollow's Last Hope + Crown of the Kobold King (My First PbP GM Experience)


Hello everyone.

I'm pondering about GMing my first PbP adventure here on the forums, and I was thinking of running Hollow's Last Hope, because it's pretty brief and (aside from the quick conversion) looks pretty simple. I know it could be used as a prequel to the module Crown of the Kobold King, but something confounds me. On the book is written:

Jason Bulmahn and F. Wesley Schneider wrote:


Aside from being its own adventure, Hollow’s Last Hope works well as a prelude to GameMastery Module D1: Crown of the Kobold King. [u]GMs interested in running this adventure as part of Crown of the Kobold King can remove all elements of the disease afflicting Falcon’s Hollow and instead use the encounters in Darkmoon Vale and in the ruins above the kobolds’ lair as supplementary encounters.[/u] Containing its own complete adventure and extensive details on the town of Falcon’s Hollow, Nicolas Logue’s Crown of the Kobold King is available now at your favorite local game store and online at paizo.com.

What do they mean with the underlined sentence? Does HLH just become a part of CotKK? How should I run them? Since I want something fast and easy as my first adventure to GM, should I run HLH as is? And since I'll have to convert the module(s) anyway, should I convert them to PF1 or try and go for PF2?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

You can absolutely run Hollow's Last Hope as it is. I believe that was the first Paizo adventure I ever ran, and it's a great one!

I think the sentence means that, if you want to just fold HLH into CotKK as one longer adventure rather than as one adventure and its sequel, you can remove the disease (which is the motivating factor for HLH) and just fold the encounters into the overland travel of CotKK. (HLH is set on the ground floor of a ruin, and CotKK is set in the basement of the same ruin, so you wouldn't have them go there from the village, go back, and then go there again.)

I would guess it would be easier to convert it to P1e than P2e, as 3.5 and P1e are far more closely related; however, you might get more interest for a P2e game since that's the new shiny.

Good luck with your game!

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I would run HLH, then have a few days of down time to explore Falcon’s Hollow.

The NPCs are great and the rest of the series is fun too.

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First Hollow's Last Hope
then Crown of the Kobold King
then the Pallid Plague
then the Return of the Kobold King
then Carnival of Tears
and conclude with Hungry are the Dead

There are many small things you can do to knit those adventures together to form a cohesive campaign.


Make Hollin appear in the queue before Roots & Remedies and then Hollin thanks the PC's for rescuing his sister by giving them a carved little figurine in their likeness. Some days afterwards Ralla comes to the PCs that Hollin is missing... instant connection and identification. If you also include Ralla's "Chef" after she informs the PC's that her brother is missing to bring her back to work it also introduces one of the movers and shakers in Falcon's Hollow...

To continue the campaign you can also integrate the Society scenario The Pallid Plague from Season 1? Scenario #43. This guys were also responsible for the "poisoning" Brookman's Well that led to the events of HLH. You can let the PCs find a symbol of Urgathoa in the trees nearby when they investigate the well at the start of HLH.

The biggest change you need to make is to foreshadow the main villain of the campaign by including the group in HatD in the group (or the remains of the group) that you encounter in CotKK. The two groups became separated when the tunnel between the different dungeon levels collapsed (i.e. the group around the main villain did that and left the others behind "to guard the entrance" those have been overwhelmed by the kobolds.

You have one challenge in CoKK and that is the kissing monster. In order to have a scroll of rRemove Disease" nearby, the vistim that is with the ghouls has been the party cleric and in his satchel the PCs can find the scroll. Edgrin knows about that.

The events about Namdrin Quinn and the fey attack can be foreshadowed in The Pallid Plague and there is a random encounter, where a dead fey can be found in the woods. Use these to set the mood for the conflict with the fey.

I am running exactly the same combination of modules HLH+CotKK.

What the adventure proposes is you completely remove the disease and only use the level 1 locations as kind of "random encounters" while they look for the children. All the inhabitants of the monastery are the most notable complementary encounters from HLH to CotKK, as the monastery will fill just too void if you don't add that part of the prequel module.

Running first HLH then wait for the characters to go back to Falcon's Hollow to start CotKK may work, but I was concerned they might want to immediately explore the stairs going down into the dungeon behind the Worg, but I did not want to remove the disease quest either.

What I did was to run both ensemble, making the children quest the main one, but adding the disease as a side quest. It has worked quite good so far. I used the wilderness encounters of HLH adding only the burned orphan house but scaling down the encounters there so they can fit a level 1 party.

The players got all the ingredients and explored the whole monastery. This Saturday they are fighting the Worg and they will sure jump straight to explore CotKK dungeon because they feel an urgency to rescue the children.

One of the characters is a lumberjack dwarf that had been his boss son 'babysitter'. The boss made him guilty for the child disappearance and promised to fire him out if he does not find the child.

The other characters are just friends to one child or another, or have relations with one of their relatives.

Conversion I would advise against it. Although the D&D monsters can be all found already in some of the PF1 bestiaries, that is not the case in PF2 which still lacks a lot of the traditional monsters. The kobolds already required much more work for me, as they need to beef up in order to stand against a Pathfinder party. That is tricky. Also some skill check calls require some agility to remember correspondences with Pathfinder ones. If this was cumbersome at times between D&D 3 and Pathfinder which are roughly compatible systems, I can't imagine the level of work required to do it in PF2.

If your group really wants to try PF2, I would advise you go to the Plaguestone module. Ease your life.

That said, PF1 does still enjoy a healthy community, and there is plenty of material and adventures to play during a decade or more depending on how intensely your group plays campaigns.

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I am running my group through "Fall of Plaguestone" now, but I will pose them a question, if they want to reset the time period to AR 4107. That way they can discover the initial secrets of the world Golarion in all its sense of wonder.

Spoiler for Hungry Are The Dead:
Like the Falcon's Hollow Sequence leading to the breaking of the first seal of the prison of Tar-Baphon, the Whispering Tyrant.

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