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Bob Jonquet wrote:
You have to consider that GMs at conventions are likely earning many more AcP than a local gameday because they are running multiple sessions in a short period of time.

I'm not looking to shoot the messenger, just considering and understanding the new policies. I don't really buy the benefit of multiple sessions with the same or 1.25-1.5 weight, if you're lucky, argument. 3 games of PFS1 on a Saturday at a local store is a relatively frequent occurrence here. Why not just do that or run some games online for the same AcP that you'd get at a con and not have to pay for a hotel/drive? A 3 scenario day isn't really possible for PFS2, because of the low number of adventures, so it changes the dynamic from being players in search of a GM to GMs in search of players. There are still reasons to go to Cons obviously - specials, supporting OP, meeting new people, etc., but the change certainly gives me a bit more pause as to how flexible I'm willing to be in attending and GMing for each system.


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In addition to 1-00 showing up as a repeatable when you go to report(already discussed and identified as an mis-tagging), 1-02, and 1-03 both are as well. To my understanding only 1-01 should be repeatable.

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