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Hey everyone. I'd like to show you something I've been working on for my Masters dissertation; The Nightmare Random Monster Generator.

My project was to create an AI that can produce realistic looking short monster descriptions, like:

Eagle wrote:
This magnificent bird of prey has dark feathers save for those on its head, which are pure white.

I used the PF Bestiaries to train the system, and the above application is the results. It'll show you two descriptions; one of these will be from the PF bestiaries, and the other will be computer generated. Your task is to see if you can guess which one is computer generated.

Post your longest streak of correct guesses below!

(P.S: Due to some problems in the XML of the app, it's showing apostrophes as question marks. So if you see something like "This lithe woman?s garb is..." Ignore that. it's going to be that way for both the real and the fake descriptions. I'll try to fix it later.)

(P.P.S Shoutouts to community manager Sara Marie and the rest of Paizo staff for their help and feedback over the project.)

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This is fun! So far my streak is 10-for-10. I'll have to continue later, though.

I actually recognized 2 of the real monsters as I was playing, which was kind of cool...

Hmm...I got two out of ten. Which I guess statistically means I CAN distinguish between the categories, I’m just terrible at understanding my own impressions.

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I got a streak of 6!

Very cool.

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I got 3 out of 10..Will be improving though..

Any more scores?Curious to find scores of different people all over the world

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