How to calculate Hybrid Grenade saving throw DCs?

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At first glance, I figured this was super easy - just use the normal DC process for a grenade (10 + half item level + dex mod), but the more I looked at some of them (in this case, the rather neat holo grenade), I began to wonder if the fact that some of these list specific spell and caster levels might affect that.

As such, here I am, wondering if anyone knows for sure or heard any rulings on this sort of thing, since for Society play, individual GM opinions might not hold water at every port-of-call.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!


Unless it's clearly stated somewhere else, you'd use the general Grenade DC calculation.

For the two higher-level Grenades, the DC actually ends up being the same regardless, since the spell level is half the item level.

The only one where there might be table variation would be the 1st level Holo Grenade, and shifting between a difference of 1 from table to table wouldn't make or break a PC.

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"A grenade becomes a hybrid grenade when a technological
casing houses magical components that can be activated like
any other grenade."

So the save on hybrid grenades is calculated as with any other grenade unless otherwise specified.

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