Best spells of each level?


I was thinking of making a half-elf rogue (thief) for Pathfinder 2nd edition and using the multiclass archetypes to get spellcasting in two traditions. I was curious as to what people thought were the best spells to choose for each level (from cantrip to level 8) in the cleric list and wizard list (although you can chime in for the primal and occult lists too!).

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I can give you a quick rundown of which spells I deem most useful. However, when I did my spreadsheet I was thinking about a single class caster, so some/many/all of them might not do very much if you just take a caster archetype. I'll try to include only arcane/divine options. I will not - for the most part - include blasts and Incapacitate spells since most of those are good anyway but you'll probably want to use your limited spell slots more for utility than damage. And Incapacitate spells suffer quite a bit if not cast from a max level spell slot.

Also remember that many of these can be heightened for better effects.

Cantrips: Shield, Electric Arc, Ray of Frost. Ghost Sound and Mage Hand if you're creative.

1st: True Strike, Heal, Grease, Longstrider, Charm, Object

2nd: Dispel Magic, Invisibility, Mirror Image, Hideous Laughter, Illusory Creature

3rd: Haste, Slow, Heroism

4th: Dimension Door, Dimensional Anchor, Fly, Resilient Sphere, Air Walk

5th: Drop Dead, Shadow Siphon, Breath of Life, Spiritual Guardian

6th: Wall of Force, Blade Barrier, Teleport, True Seeing

7th: Contingency, Mask of Terror, True Target, Regenerate

8th: Divine Aura

There you go. Note that I just went over my spell evaluation spreadsheet and picked the spells for each level that stood out the most. I could totally have missed a few when skimming the list or might have mis-rated some spells to begin with.

Arcane list:
1st level - Pest Form is great pick up too, especially for a rogue. No one tends to suspect the stray cat of casing a joint before a heist. Combine it with a bard's performance and you got a dog doing insane tricks.
Mending is handy too for long term stuff.

2nd level - My personal favorite, Hideous Laughter, cast on a friend after a pun.

3rd level - Non-detection is amazing for rogues. So is Shrink item.

4th level - Rope Trick and Gaseous Form are amazing fun.

Thanks! I am getting closer to this edition’s version of the 1st ed AD&D half-elf cleric/magic-user/thief.

Given the fact that magical tricker applies sneak attack damage to attack roll based spells... you might get a lot out of cantrip spells like produce flames, ray of frost, telekinetic projectile, and divine lance. At least, with the boost from sneak attack, you would have a ranged attack option.

I am not that familiar with defenses in the new system. The key here is that you need to still do 'some' damage before sneak attack. Divine lance seems like it might be the hardest to avoid, since it is 'alignment' damage.

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