Arcanist - No Archetype or School Savant Need Advice (LV 5)


I am Preparing a few low level builds for future rp (Got a Brawler & swashbuckler Created)

Stats and such can be filled in at a later date

But Know I need Advice on Building an Arcanist

I am unsure between playing a school Savant (not sure what school)

What school would be best to take with this Archetype

or a generalist Arcanist?

Blood Arcanist with VMC Wizard

The school and the bloodline will all depend on what you want to do. Blasting - Orc and Admixture

Arcane & One of the Divination schools could also be good

I wouldn’t enjoy a school savant. It locks you out of exploits till level 5. And prohibited schools mess with your versatility. And being able to prepare an extra spell could be nice, but it doesn’t affect your spells per day like it would with a wizard.

There are a few good archetypes I would normally suggest, but you don’t seem interested in that. So my advice would be to go without an archetype.

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