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Hello, I was wondering if you could look into order 7965213 for me. It is currently showing as on hold pending backordered items, but the only item that should be part of this shipment is AP #144 which does not otherwise list as on backorder.

It originally had AP #145 in there as well, but I canceled my subscription for the AP line after 144, so possibly it was 145 that was initially on backorder and is holding up the shipment?

Any advice on this would be appreciated. Thank you!

Bumping in case this was missed.

Customer Service Representative

Hello Cthulhudrew,

It looks like the order got stuck and hadn't shipped (I suspect you're right about the cancelled 144 being the culprit). I am giving it a nudge so it gets out the door.

Thanks, Diego! I appreciate your looking into this.

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