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Hey. I cant figure out why some feats at 2nd level have the expert prerequisites.
p.ex.: magical crafting is a 2nd level feat and you have to be expert in crafting.
the first time you can gain expert proficiency in skills is at 3rd level using the skill increase.
Is it possible to be expert from the start or at 2nd level in a skill? (except with general feat Canny acumen, which is used for feats and perception?)

2nd Question about Monsters in Bestiary: Im really disappointed that the bestiary doesnt include rules for creating monsters like the bestiary of 1st edition!!!! Why?

I want to create new monster or recreate some of the bestiary.
Can someone explain creation rules? Do they exist somewhere? How do i calculate HP? I tried to figure it out by reading the entries but i dont get it.
How many XP are NPC worth? p.EX. i create a Level 4 Wizard. Is it a Level 4 Monster? Is the NPC created like a character? How do you solve these problems?

How does the Goblin Warrior in Bestiary comes to +8 Attack with the Dogslicer???? Doesnt make sense.

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1) They're level 2 because rogues can become expert at level 2. They get skill increases every level starting at 2.

2) They wanted to put the monster rules in the Gamemastery Guide (arriving Jan-Feb next year), I believe so they wouldn't feel obligated to republish them in every Bestiary. In the meantime we have to take similar monsters and adjust them to fit.

3) I think NPCs built like PCs are the same level for XP as their class level. Not sure. There are humanoid enemies in the bestiary you can modify or you can build them like PCs.

4) NPCs like the Goblin Warrior use the stats they need to use for their role and level, so it doesn't matter how they got there.

I wonder if there are monster roles rules like in PF Unchained (obviously using different #'s). If so, the Goblin Warrior could be a brute and get some kind of brute bonus....

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