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Is it possible to make an Arcane Archer? Going through the book, I didn't encounter any options to transfer magic energies into a bow. Did I miss a feat or multi-class option, or is this an archetype that we just haven't seen yet?

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Bespell Weapon, it's a lvl 4 class feat for the Wizard and Sorcerer.

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You can make a wizard that shoots a bow sometimes well. But we will have to wait for more archetypes to make a bow focused arcane Archer.

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You could get away with an Elf Wizard with the Elven Weapon feats for a Shortbow and Bespell Weapon. You won't have as much mileage with your magic arrows due to the reduced number of slots and Bespell Weapon only activating when you cast real spells but with the ability to Drain your arcane bond, you should be able to get off a few extra dies of damage.

Really right now though, you're probably better off reflavoring your cantrips as magic arrows until we get more archetypes.

Thanks for the advice/input. Do you think doing a fighter multiclass would help or hinder the process?

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You sure can, you need 1 feat to gain access to bows and there are plenty of great spells that work really well with wizards/sorcerers shooting with a bow.

Magic Weapon as a level 1 spell is extremely powerful until you get magic weapons, then you can exchange it for true strike (better hits) or jump/fleet step, for increased mobility and getting to cover.

You can also fire your bow for 1 action + electric arc cantrip (actually any combat spell that does not include an attack is really good with a bow) as it is not an attack. Or fire twice with shield up.

+ Bespell Weapon on level 4.

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Not sure if this would be 100% helpful, but there is also the Spellstrike Ammunition line of items,. The item lets you place a spell of a certain level into it, and should said ammunition hit, the target is affect by the spell placed inside of it. (I believe it mimics a class feature from the Arcane Archer in PF1.)

The downside is, the ammunition is used up when fired, and it can be quite costly. The 9th level version costs 8,000gp a pop, and even if you say, generally limit yourself to the 5th level version (300gp), the costs still adds up if used regularly, even at high levels. So the Financial cost would turn it a once in a while type of ability.

Wizard with Fighter MC can get to expert proficiency with bows. Pick up Point Blank stance and you can use the bow at any range just fine. Get Double Shot and a 1-action spell (like several focus spells, true strike, jump, anything with quicken, 1-action magic missile) to get 2 attacks with the Bespell Weapon damage. I'm a fan of Illusionist for Warped Terrain to make it harder for enemies to approach, though Diviner gets a free True Strike each day in addition to a 1-action focus power.

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Another option would be the Elemental Bloodline Sorcerer with the Fighter Dedication if focus spells count for Bespell Weapon. You'd be able to throw out an Elemental Toss with one action, activate Bespell weapon with a free action, and then fire once or twice in a round.

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