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A goblin enters, wearing armor, a shield, and a rapier sheathed at his hip. Oddly, he has what appears to be a keg strapped to his back, along with a standard adventurer's backpack.

He puts down his shield, then removes the keg and backpack. Grabbing a mug that was dangling from his belt, he fills it with ale from the keg, drinks it all in one long chug, and then refills it. He turns to look at you, as if noticing that other Pathfinders are present for the first time, raises his mug in your direction, and begins singing.

"Mighty Cayden, god of drunks,
Chose his champion - Me! I’m Grunk!
Wine and ale, I try ‘em all,
Drown myself in alcohol,
No need to read my god’s decree,
Everyone, everywhere must be free!
When evil slavers try their tricks,
I run ‘em through with pointy sticks!"

His song ended, Grunk laughs like a maniac for a few seconds, before taking a smaller drink from his mug. He then turns to look at you with his beady red eyes.

"So... who are you?"

Envoy's Alliance 4/5

I am Xzerrion, an elf from the Darklands. I was raised as a noble of my house, but my house is no more and I had to rely on my wits and my blade to escape with my life. I now work for the Pathfinder Society as a scout and a general troubleshooter. I speak undercommon (as you might expect with being from the Darklands) in addition to draconic and orcish, and elvish of course. elf rogue, cavern heritage with elven weapon familiarity, noble background, thief racket, still a L1 character but planning on some amount of wizard dedication feats

Envoy's Alliance

"Hi, Xzerrion! Good to meet ya. Here, have an ale. Good stuff, got it from the Wounded Wisp.", the little goblin refills the mug he's been drinking from and presses it into the elf's hands, not waiting to see if he actually wants it.

Verdant Wheel

"Nĭmén hăo"(Hello everyone) I'm Zhūquè from Tianjing."

Zhūquè is a Tiān-Shu sorceress with dark red hair. She's wearing a bright red Hanfu dress with what looks like a red peacock embroidered into the lower portion. She has a dagger with a red hilt and a bandolier with healer's tools. Elemental(Fire) bloodline. Merchant background. She speaks Tien and Common(Taldane).

"I met some Pathfinders a few months ago while me and my family were selling goods in Amanandar. They got into a fight with some of those Aspis people and I aided them and kept one from dying. They told me about the Society over here in Absalom. So, I decided to come to the Inner Sea, visit family here in the city and see what kind new remedies I could find out about.

"Grunk and Xzerrion, I'm happy to meet you."

Liberty's Edge

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"Hello all. I am Marko Treller, charmed I'm sure. Emissary of the Envoys' Alliance, currently assigned to the Grand Lodge here in Absalom and assisting with some of our current needs as Agent on-boarding continues to rise."

The voice is cheerful and bright, in stark contrast to the utilitarian cut of the mans simple black and brown clothing and the dull unadorned mask that covers everything except the area around his mouth leaving only a wisp of a brown beard revealed.

Horizon Hunters 3/5

Chewing on a coin, a goblin dressed in red robes decorated in makeshift butterfly pins and patches walks in. Sleeves a bit too long, and the robe a bit short, stumbles a bit before noticing the others.

"Ah, friends! Calisro told me there be others here, and the Captain was right! The tribe called me Grick, because I helped the sick!"

Spinning around, flailing his arms and sending his sleeves flapping about.

Envoy's Alliance 5/5 ⦵⦵⦵

A little gnome with bronzed skin and a shock of hair the color of green sea foam comes forward. "Hello, I'm Pip from the Envoy Alliance Pathfinder Society Legal Fund. I'm here to be your defense attorney in your upcoming tri--"

She breaks off. "Oh, you don't have a trial scheduled yet? That's okay. I can help you on your mission still, and be around in case you need my particular level of courtroom expertise. Everyone needs a lawyer from time to time!"

She claps for Grunk. "That was an excellent song!"

Not to be out done, she offers one of her own.

♫ The law's an important gnomish field
Setting the court's rules and precedents
Sometimes the verdict is appealed
Sometimes it's treated with reverence!
Here truth and deceptions's revealed;
Rely not 'pon persuasion or expedience.
Sometimes Pathfinder records are sealed
And sometimes treated as evidence.

So let us banter in legalese
Like 'habeus corpus' and 'I object!'
We'll argue nonsense as we please
Showing off our very legal intellect
With longish gnomish treatises
Tangentially related in each aspect!
Here's the bill for my firm's legal fees
Really, there's no need to interject!
(And if you think this song's a tease
You've earned this barrister's respect!) ♫

★ --- ★ --- ★ --- ★

Pip is a feychild gnomish bard with a barrister background. She's sunk her gnomish obsession into legal lore, and hopes to one day be legendary in her field.

Radiant Oath

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Armor clad Goblin walks in, looks everyone up and down and spends an extra second looking at how similar he looks to Grunk.

"Nogtiff like the look of Grunk. Grunk like Cayden too. Me thinks Grunk could go fight bad long shanks together.

Pulling out a few mugs from his back pack, Nogtiff looks between his empty mug and Grunk's keg with puppy dog eyes.

"Nogtiff have song too. Everyone shut up and listen."

Taking a deep breath, Nogtiff begins to sing his song.

"Nogtiff poke and Nogtiff block
Nogtiff make sure you can talk
Nogtiff hate both chains and rope
Nogtiff always smash the yoke

Slavers mean and slavers dumb
Nogtiff stab slaver in the bum
Any slaver who take my friend
Will swiftly meet their slaver end

Cayden drink and Cayden fight
Cayden guzzle through the night
He spread the word of liberty
Drank too much and gots to pee. "

Afterwards, Nogtiff looks around for applause and more drinks.

Verdant Wheel

Zhuque looks confused after seeing so many goblins enter the room. She gives a small hand clap for Nogtiff and Pip.
"Alright, so first there was you, Grunk. Now there are Grik and Nogtiff. Are all the Goblinfolk this musical?"

"Grik, Nogtiff, Marko, Pip, happy to meet all of you too."

She gives Marko a raised eyebrow at his simple dark toned attire in comparison to the gaudy display of vibrant colors from the rest of the room.

She looks as if she is comparing Grik's red robes to her own.
"Grik, where did you get your robes?"

Horizon Hunters 3/5

"Much thanks Zhūquè-lady! It's tale begins long ago, as Grik remembers."

Looking about, the goblin finds a small box to stand on. Climbing up, he adjusts the robe and takes a few deep breaths before raising his head.

"There once was a town,
In a far away place,
That everyone seems to know.

A gob in a cage,
To be sold as a slave,
Or worse, who's to know?

Yet along came a lass,
Who came with a task!
Freed all those to be sold!

I followed her 'round,
Laid feet on the ground,
And traveled far and wide.

She gave him her coat,
Put him on a boat,
Told to follow Desna true.

So the goblin flitted about,
As a butterfly would,
Asked as what he could do.

Absalom he decided,
Is where he thought would be best,
To put his devotion to the test!"

Finishing up, he bows before putting the box back to where he found it.

Verdant Wheel

"Grik, you're a follower of the Resplendent Goddess of Fortune! I am as well. I was named after the Zhū Què(Common: Vermillion Bird) constellation, one of the Sì Xiàng(Common: Four Images), guardian of the South, summer, and fire."

Horizon Hunters 5/5

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A figure runs through the room, transparent and screaming silently, and somehow goes straight through everyone in the room. He comes back in, skidding to a stop at a table and puts his hand out. He grabs ahold of the table with one hand as he quickly gesters with the other, his index finger clearing missing.

As he takes a deep breath, a shimmer of energy goes through him, and he solidifies. Patting himself down, he looks at everyone and yells. He is a gnome, dirty blonde hair with bright blue streaks, bright green eyes and pale skin, wearing standard adventuring gear, which is a bit worn. A wayfinder is at his side, though it seems newer than the rest of his gear.

"Yes!!!"He pats the table then the chair as he smiles and looks around. "It worked, it worked. I have never been so glad to start over! Oh, oh... Introductions. I am Lemtwist Bratham Mallentwine Flannelfoot Smyth Olgen Jeebs Nathers Bingham, and I am trying to relearn my theories and possibly correct many assumptions on the quateral stasis of the threaded lines of different periods of time. You see, I have been flitting back and forth between historical times and eventual futures, and have been running from possibilities for about... Let's see here, oh I say around fifty years now. Oh,... Oh... Uh, quick question! When are we?"

He looks around the bar as everyone stares at him. "You may know my grandson... or what may eventually be my grandfather... whatever, He is Venture Captain Lemtwist Bratham Mallentwine Flannelfoot Smith Olgen Jeebs Nathers Bingham the Third." He looks at others expectantly.

Envoy's Alliance 2/5

Resplendently dresses in a mix of high Opparan and the "new" fashion of New Thassilon, the slender spell caster speak in a proper Taldan accent with the bearing of a friendly if prim nobleman.."Scion Avoren Nelantius, heir of the Magics of Imperial Humanity through the Taldan line to the Empires of Azlant and Thassilon. It is my pleasure and honor to serve with the Pathfinder Society at the directive of her Grace Runelord Sorshen, may her reign be long and filled with peace"

Horizon Hunters 3/5

"I do follow the lady of fortune! You must follow her too if you knows so much. Grik is happy to have met you!"

Turning and raising an eye at Lemtwist, before shaking his head, ears flapping about before taking notice of Aroven.

"Isn't being a Runelord kind of, ummm, bad? You praise a bad wizard?!"

Envoy's Alliance 3/5

Coming in through the Grand Lodge gates, a dwarf with fire-red hair, breastplate, a larger axe made of dwarven design, and... And anvil strapped to his back? He looks around before finding a sandy spot to sit down, making some room before saying in a gruff voice, "Now, my name is Balrok of the Stonedoor Thaig, and I am a smith. Nothing more, nothing less..."

He looks, and sets his waraxe down next to his anvil, before pulling out two ingots of metal, and working on them. One seems to be a classic Dwarven alloy, the other is... Bronze. He starts to work them together, and as the small forge that he set up starts to blaze, the bronze lining in his gear shines out, himself not being affected by the intense heat of the forge.

"Now, do any of ya need some hammering done?"

Welcome Balrok Stonedoor, Forge Dwarf from the Five Kings Mountains, and a Bronze-Dragon Barbarian Blacksmith bent on forging the perfect weapon, and smelting the greatest metals together.

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