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Yeah, it's bad to reconsider?

Lol sorry no, I ment yeah rearrange for whatever you think will work best and get the most enjoyment out of, plus if you want to be an alien later it can be a surprise that gets sprung on you.

I didn't realize this was Ben 10. :p
(bonus points if you get that.)

Joshua Prowell wrote:

I didn't realize this was Ben 10. :p

(bonus points if you get that.)

It started when an alien device did what it did and stuck itself upon his wrist with secrets that it hid now he's got super powers he's no ordinary kid he's ben ten. By the way, thanks for making me want to play ben ten...

Wilhim wrote:
Joshua Prowell wrote:

I didn't realize this was Ben 10. :p

(bonus points if you get that.)
It started when an alien device did what it did and stuck itself upon his wrist with secrets that it hid now he's got super powers he's no ordinary kid he's ben ten. By the way, thanks for making me want to play ben ten...

“So if you see him you might be in for a big surprise, he’ll turn into an alien before your very eyes, he’s slimy creepy fast and strong he’s every shape and size he’s Ben 10~!”

I watched that show nearly religiously as a child. It, along with a collection of old Spider-Man comics, is what got me into superheroes. Thanks for the nostalgia. :3

Side note, depending on how you look at things, Ben is either a Nova or a Bull. Just in case you do decide to play him.

I see him as a transformed with the extra mutation advancement, then take alternate form from soldier and some stuff from nova and blam. Good show, loved it as a kid but never really got into superheros until recently and idk why. Anywho yeah i've got my 2 characters typed up only need students but i'll post it when i get home. Then i'll start on the other questions.

I was referring to Gwen actually. Originally she studied hard and learned magic all on her own, then later some exec was like ‘we can’t mix aliens and magic, kids aren’t smart enough for that’.
(I assume that’s how it went, since tv execs are morons.)
Then in the next series, surprise she was really half-mana-wielding-alien! I think Kevin made out a bit better being half-alien also, because of course.

Well since they never made Charmcaster or Hex into an Alien I'm not sure that's the case. Yeah, Gwen's alien, but that doesn't mean her species isn't using magic.

Yeah, Hex and Charmcaster were just from another dimension. I think it was suppose to be the source of mana or something.

Cwethan here

So in case of further winnowings I figured I'd toss Hayden out there :-)

She's a bit of a refugee from a campaign that sadly ended prematurely, but who I think would make an interesting hop from Monsterhearts to Masks!

She's got some flexibility with exactly what Playbook she fits into, so I'll start by describing her core traits and then talk about how those get tweaked depending on which Playbook she ends up in.

Hayden's consistent bullet points:
*Hayden was raised by her mortal mother, but is the child of a wickedly powerful and dreadfully amoral Fae Lord. Something in between the Goblin King from the Labyrinth and the Goblin King from the Dresden Files with a dash of Bacchus thrown in for good measure. The keys are that he's old, wild, wicked, and capricious.

*Once she was grown and sought out her father, he gladly took her into her court where she was assailed by wonders uncounted as she fell into the pit of beautiful vipers that made up her father's court. As his daughter she was viewed as either a powerful new ally, or a perfectly honed weapon, and all her father's friends and foes did their best to ensnare her to their service.

*The exact nature of any abilities she might have are **very** playbook dependent, but regardless, she is always substantially less mighty than the Powers of her father's court.

*When she left she did so by doing the one thing that a full Fae could not. She lied. She lied often and viciously to win her way free. But while it was possible for her to do it, it has made her more vulnerable to many of her foes among the Fae, should they seek to exploit that link.

*The Fae are pretty bad at distinguishing mortals from one another, and Hayden's halfbreed nature actually heightens this. The Fae place no stock in physical appearances remaining constant, and there are ways for Hayden to make other people seem like her. It's not easy, but if she ever really had to...

*She is a total user. It is very likely that she is at the school for the perks and protection

*She is endlessly sunny and quite charming, sometimes literally, and this helps her get away with being a total user.

Possible Playbooks:
The Delinquent: With this one she really amps up the illusion and personal minor magic end of things, and while she should perhaps keep a low-ish profile, the Wyld Hunt isn't directly on her trail, and she's mainly just having fun with the whole Masks and Capes thing. In this one she didn't spend too long in her father's court, and has been back for long enough to learn some of the soft spots in the hero world.

The Outsider: With this one she has a fair bit of the Fae trickery, but it's more of a mix of a few powers and some particularly favorite artifacts that she brought with her. This one also brings in connections to two rival Fae Lords who have reasons not to see her found again by her Father's hunters, so she has some back-channels to the Fae. She also spent longer in the Court, and has only re-emerged into the Mortal world **very** recently, and is still getting re-acclimated.

The Nomad: Related. In this one her time in the Court was even more hellish, and probably started when she was younger. I envision her as having very little in the way of innate powers with this playbook, but having a bag of tricks that she's not shy about going to. This one really highlights her nature as a user, but also has a lot of built in mechanics to encourage that to change over time...

The Doomed: Daddy's coming. In this one, the Wyld Hunt is a constant threat in the back of her mind. Every use of her power carries with it the fear that it could be the clue that leads her hunters closer and closer. She is almost certainly thinking about ways to trick or bargain her way out of that inevitable confrontation. In this one the powers and relics are bigger and better, but she's less likely to use them frivolously.

Scion: This one's a bit like The Doomed, except that her Father is essentially the Loki of the setting. He's known to be a magical big bad, and specifically that he cannot be trusted. This makes it much harder for Hayden to run her games on the established heroes, and makes her think twice about any moves she makes that are too obvious.I would definitely be putting together a Dr. Strange vs. Dormammu rivalry-type set up for some Big Hero to have against her Father.

Also, just a thought, it's worth figuring out how big the school is. Is this a situation where the PCs are the only students? Are they half the student body? Or is this a bigger school where they might be 5-10 out of a hundred?

If it's in the bigger school setting then I'd recommend adding a further initial question for the group, and then for each character

For the group: What is true about everyone who got put in this class (i.e. are you the ones most likely to succeed? To turn evil and kill everyone? The ones who need the most help?)
For the PCs" What did you do that convinced the administration to put you in this class?

Felicity 'Phantasm' Carmello - The Delinquent

Felicity's powers activated when she was ten, the first bit of her powers to awaken were her ability to conjure illusions. Her parents thought it was a good thing to let her explore them and allowed her to do so freely. At the age of 13 she joined a female only gang called, Killer Vipers, she pulled pranks and small shoplifts using her illusions to help the group escape. Felicity left this group at the age of 15 after one of their 'pranks' caused her father and his fellow employees to get injured. Felicity went from the gang straight into 'insert school name here' hoping to better use her powers to go on her own raids without harm to people, and to stop them from happening in the first place.

Hot headed, foolhardy, uses her jokes and tricks to hide her true emotions, fearful of the old gang coming back after her.

Auditory and visual Illusions, and ability to project psychic weapons as well as a protective psychic field.

Middle age teen of Latin descent, casual clothing usually includes T-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes. Workout includes tank-top, sweatpants and runner's shoes. Her hero outfit is woven from her psychic field and glamoured into a midnight blue open-leg dress with loose spandex leggings, a veil covers the majority of her head and a half-piece Venetian mask(think fancy masquerades)

The Viper Gang members have snake-like abilities ranging from poison, extremely strong grapples, hypnotism, and enhanced senses. The gang isn't actively searching for Phantasm, but if they see her they are likely to engage due to her abandoning the group three years ago after a heist.

Lucas "Gallant" Cindrus - The Soldier

Lucas, and his younger sister Sarah, wished to follow their mother's footsteps in the path inside AEGIS. She held a superior position and due to her honestly unloving view of her children she allowed them to join rather early, ever eager to impress her peers and improve her position she volunteered them into an experimental program. Devised to indoctrinate and raise young soldiers and eventually impart with them, abilities that would allow them to stand up to supers, should they ever turn against the wishes of AEGIS. The two were doing well in their training receiving their first augmentations at 15, they were implanted with alien nanite hives which were meant to increase bone and muscle density. The nanite implants required significant mental conditioning to command them properly and it is during this section of their training that Sarah's went out of her control, multiplying rapidly and consuming her flesh and drive her mad. The new being escaped the AEGIS facility and went rampant consuming local infrastructure. This was actually a test by AEGIS to ultimately see how loyal these child soldiers would be. Even though the entity known as Blackout is still out there, AEGIS has begun proper socialization training by enlisting Lucas in 'insert school name here'

Distant, little socialization with civilians or supers, leader material if trained.

Nanites grant Super-strength, Durability, enhanced healing factor, as well as enhanced senses. He's currently waiting on the rest of his gear to get cleared through the school.

Older teenaged Caucasian male, well toned body from years of training short and clean haircut always shaven(the nanites take care of most of it honestly). Usually dressed as a preppier student, two piece suit and tie. When out in the 'field' or more likely performing in school super activities, he dons a skin-suit, military fatigues, and some body armor for extra protection. The gear he's waiting for approval for the school is a nano-mesh armor designed specifically to interact with his nanites to further his durability and keep them energized.

His sister also went through the nanite procedure however the dosage was miscalculated and the nanite hive implant took the resources and went into overdrive, before either sibling could receive proper mental conditioning to control the production of their nanites. The nanites multiplied rapidly and took consumed her body, the pain driving her crazy(yeah a little grimdark), the nanite swarm escaped the facility and occasionally causes havoc on data centers. The entity has been dubbed Blackout, Lucas hopes that some part of his sister is still in there.

Figure i can just slap these two together considering they'll be my suggestions regardless anyway to the action. Sam Ellington- Upperclassman bully shark-like requires constant flow of oxygenated water very strong and his skin'll rip you to shreds even if he's not swingin'. Tess Evermoon- Extremely intelligent, devices, computers, she's who you want to contact and she'll help but you'll owe her BIG.

WOTFCT= when our team first came together
Some relationships/Influence will be left blank till we flush out more character stuff on what people like/dislike, also for my soldier depending on how folks feel about Aegis. It's looking like we've got plenty of tanky bruisers; Slate, ANGEL, and maybe one other already. If we have an already saturated bruiser group i'll be taking the Deli spot for sure, i'm having lots of fun mentally with how i imagine her powers work/can be used.


• How did you get your powers? - They just sort of showed up one day.
• What do you do for fun? - Totally pull pranks on the teachers and other students.
• Who, outside the team, thinks better of you than you do? - My father thinks I can be better, which is a big part of this.
• Why do you try to be a hero? - So that what happened to my father won't happen to anyone else's family.
• Why do you care about the team? - They believe in me, i think, and they keep trying to push me to be better. I may not like it exactly but... having someone there for me when I succeed is a great feeling.

We totally broke some major rules to win the fight. What rules did we break? Whose rules were they? - Uh we may have forgot to call the 'real' heroes before jumping into action, I'm sure the Alliance was pretty angry about that, but they haven't come knocking yet.

You keep trying to impress ________________ with your antics.
You and ANGEL(if you'll allow it)pulled an awesome, if illegal, stunt together. - I figure she's naive enough to go along with anything she says is gonna be cool?

You care way more than you let on. Give three teammates Influence over you. Slate- I feel for him and his predicament even if I try my best not to show it. Joshua Prowell- The system sucks we should burn it all down for how often it messes with us.


• What tragedy or disaster led to you gaining your abilities?- The agency gave me my powers, there wasn't a disaster. It was tragic watching Sarah suffer though I hope she's okay.
• What inspired you to officially join A.E.G.I.S.?- My mother, she may not be around a lot but she's certainly better than boring dad and she's a super cool spy and stuff.
• What does A.E.G.I.S. do for the world that no one else can?- They help contain all the evil people that the supers bring down, they pay for most of the damages, help research ways to help people out of super related incidents, and keep the supers in check mostly.
• Who, outside of A.E.G.I.S. and the team, connects you to the civilian world?- I don't have a whole lot of people outside of the agency or team, but I have seen some of my childhood friends in my spare time.
• Why do you care about the team?- They are an important part of training as a team which is what AEGIS is all about. Working together to make up where one lacks, protecting those who can't protect themselves. They are also great targets for studying supers.

It secured a valuable resource for AEGIS what was it?- I know we haven't said anything about coming together yet, but I was thinking, maybe we were all out and there happened to be a super-villain attack nearby and we all reacted and had to work together to beat it? If that's the case, the valuable resource would be a high up AEGIS operative that was in the area.


Joshua Prowell is crucial to the long-term success of A.E.G.I.S. I must protect them.- Aliens who are friendly often share their tech.

_____________________ isn’t always thrilled with the way A.E.G.I.S. handles things. I’ve come to value their critiques, even if I don’t agree with them.

Respect is earned, soldier. Tell two of your Teammates what they did to earn your esteem and give them Influence. Everyone else will have to match their efforts.

Azil wrote:
I see him as a transformed with the extra mutation advancement, then take alternate form from soldier and some stuff from nova and blam. Good show, loved it as a kid but never really got into superheros until recently and idk why.

Perhaps in power-set he's a Transformed, but in personality he is a near-perfect Bull. Rushes headlong into danger without thinking, is pursued by a shadowy organization (well, a singular alien with a buttload of robots, but close enough), causes excessive collateral damage, etc. He even has a Rival in Gwen and a Heart in Grandpa Max.

I only added Nova because later-on in the original series and especially Alien Force his power level is stupid high. Just...just Alien X man. He can literally turn into alien God. 8T

I will say however that the transformation sequences would definitely not be out of place for a transformed. The Stinkfly and Four-Arms ones especially have some serious body-horror elements going on.

In reference to the "how are we a group" question, I actually had the thought of maybe the school intentionally made us a team? Like they have a team placement program, and we all signed up for it and now were all jammed together and doing team drills. Idk, just an idea.

Reading it now, I think I might want to do more of an ex sidekick thing with the protege. I'll think about it.


Around the age of 8, he started manifesting a magical aptitude. A few months later he accidentally set their garage on fire. This lead to the death of some small animals and injuring himself.
His parents were concerned for about the trauma this caused. When his uncle visited, he recognized young Joshua's talent and suggested that a change of location might help his troubled mind. They agreed it couldn't hurt and he moved to live with his uncle. He learned his uncle was also a practitioner and told him he would mentor the boy, teaching him how to use magic properly and to help others.
When he was ready, his uncle contacted a friend and got him enrolled at the school. There, he met others with a desire to help those in need. Though they may differ in how they approached this, Joshua found some common ground. And if they can save lives, even just one, it would be worth it to him.

I'm trying to expand on this a bit more, and not have it turn in to a novella. :p

WOTFCT: We destroyed our surrounds in the fight. Where was it? What did we destroy?
Storefront windows were shattered and several wrecked cars laid scattered. A neat trick since the open-air mall's parking lot was a good hundred yards or so away.

still have to figure these out.

You hang out all the time with ____ to blow off steam.
You once hurt ____ when you lost control of you powers.

Happy facade: give influence to 3 teammates

So things seem to be coming a long nicely.
Azil - If you'd like some input I think Gallant seems the more fun character.

I've been bouncing between the two at work, any suggestions are awesome. I'm not super knowledgable with comic book heroes so idk if anything is copy-catting.

I didn’t want to copy-cat too much either. So when I was working on the ‘alien’ version I was like ‘ this is a bit too much Starfire’ so decided to go in a different direction.
I admit, I’m borrowing a bit from some novels I’ve read lately.
I also didn’t realize Cwethan was gonna go the magic route too. Though it is a slightly different magic style.

Oh, and sorry Azil. Didn’t mean to poke holes in your relationship ideas. I guess it will have to depend on who you settle on playing.

For my ‘I hurt someone...’ I was thinking Angel. Pulling a little from Dresden myself, and some other places. Sometimes powerful magic can interfere with sensitive tech. So I thought Joshua damaged Angel accidentally during a training session, she was able to repair it, but Joshua still feels bad and tries to make it up to her. Thus, also giving 1 of my influence to her.

If that’s okay with Angel, that still leaves my ‘hanging out buddy’ and 2 influence to give out.

Okay, I've decided. I'm going with another teen hero I build. A protege with a martial artist master of (insert cliche here) A super martial art called the path of eight storms. Don't know how well it will work until I start building.

No problem Joshua I'm just trying to throw out some ideas, i'm not exactly sure how what you said would poke holes in it anyhow unless you're no longer an alien? But I mean.. there are plenty of people and reasons why other folks can be important to AEGIS they could legit make up any BS reason XD.

I think I am gonna go with Lucas "Gallant" Cindrus - The Soldier
So anyone wanna start tossing ideas down for influence and relationships?

Azil: Gallant - Soldier
Spacefurry: Arcanum - Nova
Wilhim: ?? - Protege
ElbowtotheFace: Slate - Transformed
WhtKnt: ANGEL - Newborn
Helix: Mentioned Harbinger but not sure they have posted anything else.
Blue Symbiote: Any
Cwethan: Hayden - Various

Yeah, Hayden's magic in most playbooks is very narrow and focused. More based around specific aptitudes than the broad brush of Sorcery that a Nova can work with.

As a Scion that might not be the case as much, so I'll cross that off the potential list to make certain...

Actually since we're down to <8...

I think I'll just angle towards Doomed. The Goblin King's a comin'!

ambiguous, shifting, transgressing. Why pick just one? ;-)
Laughing Eyes
Garish clothing
No costume (this could easily change)

Body Transmutation (Aspect Shifting - Hayden can take on the form and a reflection of the abilities of different subjects of her Father's court), Memory Manipulation, Psychic Constructs (Living Dreams).

Playbook Choices:
Her Doom is brought closer by facing danger alone, or talking about it openly.

The Doomsign that she has already marked is Dark Visions

Her Sanctuary (her dorm room, which is a single, and much larger on the inside than the outside). It has a scattering of ancient relics, locks and traps, and a teleportal. Unfortunately, its location is known to many, and of course, it is tied intricately to her Doom.

When did you first learn of your doom? Haydne first learned of her doom when her father took her across the veil to his court.
Where did you get your sanctuary Her sanctuary was a gift from her father, feudally speaking. It's a tiny plot of his kingdom that she's been given domain over. He could still in theory revoke that gift, and make things quite difficult for her, but that would serve as an insult to her standing that would interfere with his plans for after he has brought her back to his world. She understands some of the dangers, but it was still too useful for her not to bring to school with her.
Why do you oppose your nemesis? Because he isn't giving her any choice! He always talks about freedom, but she could see the web of obligations and duties that held even him. The fact that he's sending hunters out to find her just proves her point.
Who, outside of the team, is crucial to defeating your nemesis? Hayden's not sure yet. The idea of finding someone spiritually similar to herself to serve as a hopefully willing sacrifice has struck her, but that's really a last resort. The other idea she has is throwing her lot in with the Duke of Frost, among the more powerful of her father's retainers. He's crueler though, and she'd rather not give him the power that he'd need to overthrow the Goblin King...
Why does the team matter to you? Partially for brainstorming - Superheroes are weird! Hayden knows she doesn't have all the answers, and some weird power-set could be exactly the tool she needs. Aside from that, allies could be quite useful if she doesn't come up with anything clever. Standing next to a sorcerer who practically fills the air with magical chaff helps too.

I'll hold off on picking Influence or WOTFCT things until the cast is finalized, but it'll be:

We paid a high cost for victory. What was it?

You told __________ all about your doom and the danger you're in.
You'd love to kiss _____________ before your doom comes.

And I'll be giving two people influence because they matter for what she needs to do.

Tardis dorm room with traps and such, boy i feel sorry for her roomie.
But to help fill things out a bit more.


Freak:0, +1 adding cause i feel the experience with what happened to Sarah would make him feel more like a freak and worried it'd happen to him too.

playbook choices:
Soldier Moves (You start with Before we get started and one more)

Before we get started: When you have time to closely observe your opposition before a fight, roll + Savior. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 2. On a miss, hold 1 and mark a condition. During
the fight, you can spend your hold to name a character you observed and...
• ...redirect their attack to another character or nowhere—into a wall or the sky.
• ...cross a distance between them and you.
• ...stun them, close up or from a distance.
• ...ignore all harm from one of their attacks.
• ...escape any bindings or impediments they attempt to place on you.

I can do this all day: When something causes you to remove yourself from a fight, you can shift Savior down (and another Label up) instead. If shifting Savior down would move it below -2, you have to leave the fight instead of shifting Labels. (This is 100% a steve rogers ability except he doesn't shift anything)

gonna make a proper thing for this character soon.

I figure Hayden's got a single. Partially cause she brought her own and stuck it to the side of the building...

If we end up all being roomies or something I can tweak that though :-)

Oh, do people have thoughts on how big we want the school to be? On the scale of 60's X-Men (Every student is a PC) to X-Men Evolution (Every powered student is a PC or a named villain, but eventually a new class joins) to My Hero Academia (There are enough powered students that when stories demand a new NPC can be added from the crowd), I'd personally prefer Academia, but as long as we've got some non-hostile powered NPCs to play off of I think we should be good :-)

'Before we get started' is from Cap II also ;-)

I'm down for a my hero style where it's like an entire high school dedicated to hero training. Gonna make up my profile and toss out some faculty ideas when i get home.

I'd kind of prefer it to be a hidden training academy. My friends and I did one where the school was a legitimate boarding school with heroic students organized into several classes that ordinary students had no clue about.

I've got no particular preference there, but I do think it's better if there are at least some NPC students to potentially interact with. Whether they're powered or not, and know about us or not, is another question entirely.

Also, I'm still around! Struggled to actually gain traction on inspiration with my harbinger, so I switched things up and I'm playing around with a Reformed, which I think would be very interesting as well. Hopefully will have them wrapped up before much longer here.

Sovereign Court

Testing my header, also does anyone know how to make profiles without the faction thingy? They don't have the PHP or whatever it was before

Lucas 'Gallant' wrote:
Testing my header, also does anyone know how to make profiles without the faction thingy? They don't have the PHP or whatever it was before

Nope. I seem to make random profiles that sometimes require them and sometimes not and I have no idea what I'm doing either way.

Ya, I did change from alien to human. Sorry, Azil.

School wise, a larger student body would allow for more possible NPC interactions. And the hidden super classes is a fun secret the PCs can share. But then, when do they have theses classes? Is it an after-school 'club' they're all a part of?
And I would assume the staff was in on it. But then, would they treat the 'super-students' different from the normal students?

Yay, role play possibilities. :p

Still gotta settle on influence and relationships.

Well the way it was done in our game our closets were teleporters we used after classes ended to get training in addition to having 1 or 2 classes that were just the heroic students getting PE or study hall all at the same time so they can have several hero classes during the school day and one after school.

If you make the Alias as a Pathfinder Society Character, then it requires you to select a faction.

I like the idea of hidden classes within a normal school. Maybe supers are treated like special-needs or vo-tech students. Several of their classes are perfectly normal, but others are strictly for metas. ANGEL works best if she has normals around to play off of, as I can then play up her naivete.

An issue with "hidden" classes is that one of us is a 9 foot tall rock monster... might give it away. Not shutting down the idea, just throwing that out there. Could be interesting and fun or could just be a pain in the butt.

Hmmm, there is that. ::thinks::

We could always do it like X-men Evolution and use a holo disguise.

Yeah, I have a character in my Mutants & Masterminds game who is in a similar situation. She is a student, but also happens to be a four-armed, green alien with antennae and purple hair! She wears a holographic belt that projects an image of normalcy.

Ah darn it I think I missed this but if any room opens up let me know!

I made this character for a different game and I would love to adapt her to this if there is still room?

Who all do we have, anyway? And when were we planning on kicking off?

Azil: Gallant - Soldier
Spacefurry: Arcanum - Nova
Wilhim: ?? - Protege
ElbowtotheFace: Slate - Transformed
WhtKnt: ANGEL - Newborn
Helix: ?? - Harbinger
Blue Symbiote: ?? - Any
Cwethan: Hayden - DOOOOOOOOOOOOM(ed) *makes snake arm gesture from Conan*

That is 8, 9 if we count Edelsmirge.

Discussion is open if people would like to move over there, at this point I think we have enough people and don't need to constantly bump the recruitment thread.

“I’m gonna sing the doom song...”
(More bonus points if you get that one.)

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