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I am looking at playing an Unlettered Archaist, as described on the D20PFSRD website.
This archetype pulls from the Witch spell list in place of the Wizard/Sorceror spell list, and spells are stored in his Familiar rather than in a spell book.
No where can I find info on gaining new spells.
If I encounter a wizard/Sorceror spell book can I learn new spells from it?
Witches get their spells from their pact with an Outsider so do not get a Spellbocook.
How does this character gain new spells?

You want the first edition rules forum

Arcanist and witch don’t exist in second edition at this time

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[Moved to 1E rules Questions forum.]

Witches gain spells when they level and from scrolls.

The Unlettered Arcanist would do the same.

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