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Hi guys

Improvisational focus make me proficient with an improvised weapon.

Now weapon focus prerequisite

Prerequisites: Proficiency with selected weapon, base attack bonus +1.

Is the improvised weapon still considered an object or it count as a weapon for the prerequisite?

Can a gloomblade fighter with improvisational focus create that improvised weapon? Cause by raw improvised weapon are "object"

If you look at Shadow Weapon in the Gloomblade archetype it provides an answer. That answer is it produces a weapon that you are proficient in. By definition improvised weapons are not weapons. Shadow Weapon produces weapons. So no, you're ability to produce weapons can not produce non-weapons.

If a GM was willing to allow this, it basically means you'd be able to produce a shadow version of anything. Need to climb a cliff? Rope and grapnel can be used as an improvised weapon. How about a ladder? Again, its an improvised weapon. Buckets are improvised weapons. Towels are improvised weapons. Cloaks are improvised weapons. Turning the Shadow Weapon ability into the make anything ability goes far beyond what this archetype should be capable of.

From a strict reading of improvisational focus, you would only be able to make shadow versions of improvised weapons you were already wielding, which makes it significantly more balanced. Im not aware of any RAW about improvised weapons being “objects”, and improvisational focus seems to exist for the purpose of allowing things like weapon focus to be selected with improvised weapons.

Improvisational Focus
the original post glosses over the requirements.
As Mathota said, this feat is so a feat or chain of feats can apply to an "improvised weapon" through the Weapon Focus feat.
The intro fluffy text to the feat lets you know it applies to an improvised weapon(makeshift) IN HAND(wielding).

Weapons are Objects, but not all Objects are Weapons. Not all objects make reasonable Improvised Weapons (it's a fantasy game and GMs need to make judgements within the game context as to what is sensible).

Weapons scroll down to Improvised Weapons.

Also Refine Improvised Weapon spell

It would be more efficient to just spend 316GP on a mwk cold iron morningstar and save yourself a feat, archtype, and a spell in every combat... or crossbow, bow, or lucern hammer...

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