Printing boons (Playtest right now, PF2 later on)

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Is there a plan for when one would be able to print the boons that we earn? I am set to play my first PF2 character on Monday, but can't get the free Wayfinder yet until I am able to print the boon.

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Printing your playtest point redemption page might work


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I'm pretty sure we basically have to be honor system for now. At least I had players at my table at GenCon who had redeemed the start at level 2 or 3 options. They could all talk knowingly enough about the playtest storylines that it seemed reasonable to me.

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Showing your My Society page with the boons listed at the bottom or a screen shot should suffice until the boons are ready to download.

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Save those playtest points! There are other ways to get a wayfinder for free or very cheap. Check out "All-Faction Boons" in the guide to OP for one way.

I'm glad another player told me this before I spent my playtest points.

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I would love to be able to print out the always available boons for my players. Is it the plan that the boons will be available as chronicle sheets or a similar format? I haven’t played much Starfinder so not sure how it was handled there.

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