Some questions on the Orichalcum Armor...

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As the title, I'll ask right away.

1. Is a +3 major resilient orichalcum armor legal to give out as treasure?
2. If so, what is its Item Level and price (or general worth for WBL) treated as?
3. Is there no legal way as of now for gaining a 4th property rune for magical explorer's clothing?

Bonus. Do you treat the free gauntlets included in a magical full/half plate as magical too?

Bumping this in more than 1 week with no answers... (Is this legal here?)

1. Yes, as a GM anything is legal for you to give out, and +3 major resilient orichalcum armor is a perfectly normal item by the rules of runes and precious materials rules.

2. It would be item level 20+. Since we don't have any examples of level 20+ items on the treasure table it's exact level is hard to determine, but I would eyeball it at a level 21 item (or just two level 20 items). It would be worth 130,500 to 147,000 depending on the bulk of the armor. ({+3 potency rune 20,560} + {+3 resilient rune 49,440} + {high-grade orichalcum armor 60,500 to 77,000})

3. I'm not seeing any way to add a fourth rune to armor no. There might be a class that can temporarily add runes but I'm not feeling up to digging through all the classes right now.

bonus. I would say no, if you want your gauntlets to be treated as a magical weapon then you need to have some form of offensive magic on them, such as a weapon potency rune.

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