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Iam currently preparing for the first session - 3 weeks from now.

An a want good deal of different music - i have som great themes for some of the asylum and npcs, but i need more and some inspiration.

What music - did you use for your campaign?

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Hi there,

It depends a bit on how you play your musics. There is of course Syrinscape (
I haven't used it but I hear it's good.

Personally I use youtube, specifically: Graham Plowman who made some great music based on the Mythos ( ) and the horror musics of Lucas King ( )

Hope it helps you

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I've mostly used dark ambient tracks from artistes like Lustmord, Inade, Asylum Carceri, and the Cryo Chamber stable. In fact Cryo Chamber have a bunch of collaborative hour-long tracks called Azathoth, Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, and Yog-Sothoth which are perfect for the campaign. You can find them on Spotify, YouTube, or to purchase via Bandcamp.

I used the OST to Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth.

I'm running a Strange Aeons Campaign, and I have a great playlist to share: oxZKVeDGAdD-7EBCq5O76Ap7rD8j4HcYiW_IcXjLBe2RbOzxvYKFemRuOEIxEw%3D%3D

Some highlights:
- Darkest Dungeon OST is great for battle music. Specially the Colors of Madness DLC
- Alex Roe have several SoulsBorne like soundtracks, great for boss battles and building up tension
- I use Brad Derrick's Elder Scrolls Online OST as ambient music for dungeons and the like
- Riven OST for Dreamlands Excursion in part 3
- Lustmord is for Carcosa (extremely alien like soundtrack)
- As always, for desert-themed Chtulhu, nothing better than Karl Sanders


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