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Didn't see a thread for this so I figured I'd start one. I ran this at my lodge and overall thought it was a great scenario. Players really loved the cryptic hunter vibe.

Couple of notes from my experience.

100% print out the mosquito Witch doll art and use it liberally. I regularly moved it between party members. They'd throw it off the boat, into the fire, etc. and then sometime later when a PC retrieved an item I'd have in their pack. Players loved this and it helped set the tone.

In Town:


After seeing how Galia dealt with the mosquitos, they kept asking each NPC how they dealt with them. You may want to have a few precanned answers.

My PCs really got infatuated with Tanner, probably because I overplayed the Android bit which stood out against every other NPC. I eventually had to shoo them away rather than spend too much time here.

The Carraige:


Narrating this was a bit tricky because it was hard to explain how some PCs had time to climb aboard while others had time to build barricades. We stuck to the mechanics which worked fine, but felt a little gamey as a result. Several casters also wanted to use magic and I would have been nice if future encounters like that offered some guidance on what could be substituted.

The Forest:


I liked the way this was set up but definitely read the sections here since it's easy for the party to end up missing one of these it they aren't thorough.

My party had the magnetic rock from tanner and I let them make a DC 15 craft check to create a simple compass to act as a "landmark" for navigating to a disturbance in the woods.

There was a bit of an inconsistency in the scenario with there being no one to heal Andor in town when the PCs meet a priest of Tsukiyo in town. The PCs immediately thought that they should bring him back to town and I had to sort of hand wave that they were pretty sure only their medical skills would suffice.

Final Fights:


Peaches fight was about as emotionally charged as you might expect. Definitely read all the attach and blood drain rules since there are a lot of triggers for various conditions depending on when things happen once a blood seeker is attached.

Fight with the mites was fairly anticlimactic. It was a good challenge for a team of 6 level 1 PCs though.

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I just want to compliment the explicit callout of which flip-tiles were specifically used. THANK YOU! Also, the use of the flip tiles, as printed in the scenario instead of misaligned, overlapping pieces, as was often previously done with map packs, is a welcome improvement.

This does create some "skinny" zones but those can be easily ignored and treated as not existing. A HUGE improvement on both parts! THANK YOU!

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On page 11, when talk to Hsru Kwon, it calls for a DC 17 intimidation check for low tier. But for high tier it is 18. I would expect low tier to be 15 or high tier to 20.

Which is correct?

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I agree the carriage scene seems pretty strange to me, I was thinking of having the carriage race through town before heading out towards Shimmerford road...just give the PC a chance to act. Or I guess have the PC on the road in front of the carriage as it races towards them?

We will see I am running it later today :)

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I'd be interested in any way to make that carriage scene more interesting and rooted in the map given.

Shimmerford itself isn't all that big, so racing the carriage through town? On a road that only goes up to the inn?

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For what it’s worth, I played it as the Shimmerford Road runs along the long edge of the map with the gate. I also made sure to mention crossing the road as the PCs get off the boat and head into the town. Later, I just had the carriage race out of control along the edge of the map from the north, past the gate, then (potentially) crash a few yards farther on.

Remember, that in order to save the carriage, the PCs need to take some action to follow up on the prophecy, Otherwise the PCs notice the runaway coach too late to save anyone and the carriage crashes into a ravine, losing them some treasure bundles.

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I attempted a mosquito witch doll made from corn husks. Didn't turn out as good as I hoped, but hopefully it adds a little atmosphere at my table.

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