Timeline expectation setting?

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GenCon is over; people are excited, and missing pieces are still coming together. Do we have estimated timelines on things like

a) Being able to report 2e sessions
b) Seeing/tracking AcP
c) Spending AcPs
d) Boon generation for spent AcPs/Playtest points
e) filling in missing details on some of the above (Ramlock's Tower boon for instance)

Are some of these things "its our top priority, we thought it would be done, but stuff happened and we're delayed, but soon" or 'we're aware of it, but its lower on the priority list, ask us again in a month", etc

Similarly I've had players ask locally about the Legacy background and what degree of proof do they need to bring to the table. Will the new online boon system(primarily for AcP) be tied in to those and able to generate legacy background boons for people who qualify?

Is the goal for faction boons to be handled the same way?

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