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I am trying to figure out do Monks still get Wisdom to Ac still?

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They don't, Monks get better better unarmored proficiency at the start to compensate the lack of armor instead.

A Monk with 18 dex will have great AC; a Monk with 14 or 16 dex will have perfectly acceptable AC. A monk with 10 dex is assumed to be taking Mountain Stance, and will have as much AC as the Monk with 16 dex.

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I actually really like this change, since it moves away from monk being so reliant on having several good stats.

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No, Monks have no direct need for wisdom unless you're planning on taking Ki Blast or Quivering Palm as they are the only ones that use your Ki Ability DC afaik.

With the increased tightness of the PF2 math, it's pretty unreasonable to add two stats to anything.

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