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Hail all Pathfinders (specially the Brazilians)!

I'm passing here just to express how happy I am for having the Pathfinder Second Edition released in portuguese simultaneously at august 1st together with the version in english.

Really, I just don't know how to thanks Paizo and New Order giving this for us!

Starting day one in my native language is the same as living an once impossible dream. THANKS!!!

And the translation is really really good (because the translators are fans of the game), much better than I have seen in any other RPG translated here since ever.

Can't wait to receive my physical copies (I bought 2 of each book)!

Paizo Employee Licensing Manager

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Hi Rodrigo,

Muito Obrigado! We are very happy to have New Order as our partner. They are doing a fantastic job and we look forward to many products from them in the coming months.

This is really encouraging to hear!

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