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so The GM surprised us by Saying this is a Dual campaign .

One session we play our evil characters the other half we play are good guys, all heading toward a climax

So I have to build a good character known and I was thinking of doing a Warder 15 levels

but need advice on my Manuvers and feats

I am thinking of using iron tortoise and piercing thunder and maybe mitral current but i am unsure

Though it was years ago and I can't find the character sheet, I did play a zweihander sentinel once. He used a bastard sword - a null blade; tech weapons were much reduced in cost in that game. Reasonably effective if IMO a bit dull. I'm used to spellcasters I guess.

3 disciplines is about right, you can get the prereqs easily, have choices at every level, cover both defence and offence and maybe even get something of a theme to your character. You want Iron Tortoise because the sentinel's especially good at it, you want a discipline for offence and you have one other. Maybe get Scarlet Throne for yourself and Golden Lion to buff your friends? Good aligned might mean you want to be concerned about more than your own fighting ability. Piercing Thunder is possible (drop golden lion for it from my list?) but I'd steer clear of Mithral Current to avoid crossover in abilities between two characters you're playing at the same time.

Assuming Iron/Scarlet/Golden then you might get maneuvers like these:
8: Riddle of steel, turtle general's stance (stance)
7: Iron defender's riposte, cyclonic shell crush
6: Harry the prey, red zephyr's fleetness, golden general's attitude (stance)
5: Sanguine perfection, strategic blow
4: Sanguine perseverance, ricochet shell
3: Scarlet eye's perception, burnished shell, iron tortoise stance (stance), unfettered movement (stance)
2: Sanguine barrier, warning roar
1: Stance of the defending shell (stance), circular stance (stance)

I'll look at feats later.

A possible feat list.

1: improved unarmed strike (prereq for snake style)
Warder 1: combat reflexes
3: snake style (+2 sense motive which matters for scarlet throne, another means to block attacks)
Warder 3: fuse styles (efficient use of swift actions)
5: extra readied maneuver
7: lunge
Warder 8: improved critical
9: critical focus
11: power attack (before I forget)
13: discipline focus (iron tortoise)
Warder 13: bodyguard (or something, I'm out of good ideas)
15: staggering critical

Obviously I'm suggesting use of a weapon with at least a 19-20 crit range. At L17 you get stunning critical.

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