The following two products have been added to your account, but are not currently available for download:

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Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber

Anyone else seeing this today for Pathfinder 2 subscriptions?

Customer Service Representative

Hey Erithtotl,

You're in a timezone ahead of us it seems! You posted this an hour or so before we were in the office to make the PDFs live. We had them up at about 5:30 am Pacific Time. This should now be resolved, but please let us know if you have any ongoing issues.

i don't have a subscription but i did buy the pdf's for the core and the beastiery and it says my beastiery is unavailable for download. wtf? and no help till after gencon

Liberty's Edge

I hear you Dagnir. I bought mine on Thursday morning and it's still not available for download.

Customer Service Representative

Hello Dagnir and Saurstalk,

I just tried the digital assets on both of your accounts, and they both worked perfect on my machine. I suggest trying a new browser or in incognito/private mode in your current browser to force a new sessions of the site and check for possible browser or machine interference. If this is not the issue, please let me know more details, such as if the asset appears to you at all, what it does when you try to download it.

If you haven't tried to download it since Thursday, this could also be the issue. I mentioned in another thread that while we put the PDFs live early in the morning, it wouldn't be unusual for it to take several hours for the change to update on every instance of the site.

Let me know what it looks like now if its still giving you trouble.

Liberty's Edge

Hello Sam,

I tried to sign out as well as enter via a different browser. It still doesn't show up in my downloads and on my orders page, it still reads, "The download for Pathfinder Bestiary is not currently available."

mine says that also. i am the pathfinder bestiary is unavailable

Important A digital purchase was added to your account when this order was submitted. The download for Pathfinder Bestiary is not currently available.

when i check my orders, this is what it says on firefox and chrome.

Liberty's Edge

Any progress on accessing the Bestiary .pdf yet? Nothing on my end and aside from Sam's comments above, Paizo's customer service remains silent.

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